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Goodbye, For Now

Over seven years ago, I founded Wanderlust in the City as a way to combine my love for travel, food, writing, and photography into a business dedicated to giving readers a glimpse of my life while advising on where to go, what to do, and where to eat, both in New York City and around the globe.

It’s been an incredible journey, and I’m so immensely proud of all that I’ve accomplished during that time. From Flight Network crediting me as among “the world’s top travel professionals” to fantastic press trips to Park City, Jamaica, and Morocco (to name a few!) to invitations to restaurant openings and exclusive New York City events, it’s been a journey filled with many, many pinch-me moments.

Despite the accolades, the most wonderful “perk” has been getting to interact with all of you. Your comments and messages have been wonderfully supportive, and I feel blessed to have gained friends around the world. Some I’ve been lucky enough to meet in person, like Rachael in the U.K. and Alli in NYC. Others are still just virtual friends, like David in New Orleans. Regardless, all of you have meant so much to me, and have truly made these seven years remarkable ones.

Wanderlust in the City

That’s the fun side of Wanderlust in the City.

The other side is the sheer amount of work that goes into producing each post that’s meant to look effortless but in reality is anything but! From researching, to capturing, to writing, to editing, to promoting, running this site is a full time job (on top of my other full time job)!

At the start of the new year, I reflected, as many do, on my day-to-day life as well as my goals for the future. I examined each facet of my life and asked myself whether it was still providing joy, allowing me to pursue my dreams, and/or necessary. And when it came time to look closely at Wanderlust in the City, I realized the joy I’d originally had in posting had become overshadowed by the effort behind it.

Additionally, I’ve long had a dream on my heart to write novels, and with the demands of Wanderlust in the City I just didn’t have the time to pursue this goal. I then asked myself the final question, whether Wanderlust in the City was a necessary part of my life.

And I decided it wasn’t.

Wanderlust in the City

With this realization, I began to ask myself what my life would look like without Wanderlust in the City, something that has been a major player in my last seven years. It would be weird not having the site, that’s for sure, but another word strongly came to mind: freedom.

Without Wanderlust in the City, I would be free to try new restaurants without taking pictures of the food (much to my meal companions’ relief, I’m sure)! I’d also be able to travel without documenting each part of the trip, how-tos, advice, etc. I’d be able to actually relax and enjoy the experiences in my life without focusing on capturing them. I would be free to live and truly experience the present, relishing in each moment. Plus without the hours upon hours of work I put into this website each week, I would have more time to write my novel (or novels!), more time to spend with my husband and friends, more time to explore my city and the world, and more time to do… anything, really.

I would be free to truly and completely live.

And so as much as saying goodbye to Wanderlust in the City feels strange and a little bit sad, like moving out of a home I’ve lived in for seven years, it also feels right. And because of this, I’m not going to be putting up any more posts.

I’ll be leaving the website up as a resource, so feel free to poke around whenever you need a restaurant recommendation or a travel tip. This will also allow me to come back to Wanderlust in the City, should I ever feel inclined. I don’t think I will, but if these past seven years have taught me anything it’s that you never know what the future has in store.

And so I’ll leave you in the same way my grandma always sweetly ends her phone calls: “Goodbye, for now.”

And thank you.


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  1. Ashley, it’s Cathy Hoover from SD&M. I would love to still keep in touch with you. Are you on Facebook? I’m listed as Cathy Warner Hoover. Send me a friend request if you like.

  2. I have really enjoyed all of your travel tips and information for years. It’s so funny how as a reader, we feel like we know you. Must be the sign of a good writer! Best wishes, and good luck writing your first novel.

  3. I’ll miss your posts so much but am happy you are growing in new directions! Change is good! Hugs!

  4. Feeling a mix of emotions right now, as if I’m saying good-bye to a friend. Though this might be the last post I’ll read from you it’s definetly not the last piece of writing because I’m sure getting my hands on that novel! Wish you the best from Miami, FL!

  5. hello, I’m very grateful after googling and found some interesting articles on this website, keep writing and later I will come again to see your latest posts.. Thank you for providing very nice articles. I hope you can continue updating them

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