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Beatles Massage at Lush Spa

Just to make sure it’s clear, this is Beatles like the band not beetles like the bug!

Because it’s birthday month and I’m all about treating myself (this month, and always!) I decided it was the perfect time for a relaxing massage. I knew anything would be better than my last massage, but I still wanted to make sure it was special.

So I booked the Hard Days Night massage at Lush Spa. It’s a 75 minute massage performed to a soundtrack of Beatles songs, where the technician’s movements are actually choreographed to fit the theme and tempo of the music.

Hard Days Night massage at Lush Spa - Beauty - Wanderlust in the City

When you arrive they have you pay first, which is a little strange. But you can tip either before or after your appointment (on a credit card or cash) so at least you can make that decision after your treatment.

The waiting room for the spa is actually a bench in the corner of the Lush store, which I also thought was weird, especially after I saw the beautiful relaxation area upstairs. I’m not sure why they don’t have you sit upstairs before your appointment, since it would make it a much nicer experience. I love getting to spas early and relaxing before treatments, and sitting among the shoppers just didn’t allow for that.

Hard Days Night massage at Lush Spa - Beauty - Wanderlust in the City

But once I was brought upstairs by my massage therapist the experience was a good one. She sat with me and discussed the treatment, and gave me the standard form to fill out. I was a little nervous I was losing massage minutes, since we were starting late, (and you know how I feel about that!) but she assured me the soundtrack (and therefore the massage) was set and no matter when I started I would have the full amount of time. So that allowed me to relax and just enjoy the process.

Lush’s Hard Days Night massage is part Swedish massage and part passive stretch massage (where you lay there and the technician stretches you, thereby doing all of the work on your behalf!). Because she rolls you around a little bit, you wear these incredibly fashionable pajamas during your treatment, and you’re massaged through the material.

Hard Days Night massage at Lush Spa - Beauty - Wanderlust in the City

I enjoyed the experience, and the music. Some parts of the soundtrack did have a little bit of talking, which I hated, but when the songs were playing it was great. Since the massage was choreographed to the music, and the technician moves your body around, parts of the treatment even made me feel like I was dancing!

Because you’re wearing pajamas the technician doesn’t use oil, so this is a good massage to get if you’re going somewhere afterwards and don’t want your hair and body to feel oily and gross.

At the end she put a pillow under my head and that, combined with the pajamas and blanket, made me want to fall asleep! Afterwards, to wake you up again, she met me outside with hot tea and I was able to relax in the good upstairs room that reminded me of an English home.

Hard Days Night massage at Lush Spa - Beauty - Wanderlust in the City

Hard Days Night massage at Lush Spa - Beauty - Wanderlust in the City

The tea was served on a record, how clever is that?! And I was given a special, themed bath bomb to take home. I can’t wait to try it out (and continue treating myself)!

Hard Days Night massage at Lush Spa - Beauty - Wanderlust in the City

The Hard Days Night massage isn’t the most relaxing massage I’ve ever had, but it was a fun experience that definitely stands out from the many massages I’ve gotten in my life.

The Hard Days Night massage is 75 minutes and costs $175. If you’d like to book your own, click here.

Go on, treat yourself. After all, it is my birthday!


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