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The Burger Guru

You will be shocked to hear that this blog post takes place in Brooklyn. You know how I feel about Brooklyn!

But I was somehow dragged along, and as we wandered I noticed lots of cool street art. I’m a big fan of street art, as you know, so it made me dislike Brooklyn a little bit less (but just a little bit)!





We ended up eating at The Burger Guru, a well-known burger spot in Williamsburg.

Burgers and street art? Ok, maybe Brooklyn isn’t so bad…


These are the burgers I recommend:

The Berry St burger with lettuce, tomato, crispy onion straws, “wondrous” (according to the menu) bacon and a garlic bleu cheese aioli.



The Village burger with an over-easy egg, melted cheddar and crispy bacon (apparently this bacon wasn’t wondrous).



And this beautiful thing, the Brooklyn Mac & Cheese burger covered in their homemade mac and cheese and sprinkled with crispy bacon bits (regular, not wondrous).



The burgers are good, and if you’re in Williamsburg I recommend stopping by. However I do NOT recommend going to Brooklyn just for these burgers.

I wouldn’t do that to you!


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