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A much more fitting title for this post would be: FINALLY!

That’s right, after months and months of waiting, I finally, FINALLY got to see Hamilton on Broadway!



I arrived at the performance not quite believing I was actually there. Seeing Hamilton is a moment that every New Yorker looks forward to, and it was surreal sitting in the auditorium waiting to join the exclusive club of people who can say, with a deserved air of superiority, “Oh you’re seeing Hamilton? You’ll love it!” thus subtlety bragging about their firsthand knowledge.



Jess joined me, so now she gets to be one of those people too!


I went into the experience trying to manage my expectations. Everyone raves about Hamilton so much that I knew it couldn’t live up to the hype. No show is that good.

Well I was wrong. Hamilton is that good, incredible even. From the first few songs I was falling in love, and I watched, raptured, as each scene unfolded. Hamilton had me hooked, so much so that I laughed out loud at the jokes and cried on three separate occasions. I’m not even kidding, there were actual tears streaming down my face. It was not cute!

But that just proves how wonderful of a show Hamilton is. It’s a modern, groundbreaking take on the musical genre, and the music is so catchy and engaging that I’ve been listening to the soundtrack nonstop ever since I saw the show. And the best part is that there weren’t any of those boring love ballads that have become a Broadway staple. And instead of just one amazing song, they were all hits.


If you have yet to see Hamilton, I recommend not listening to the soundtrack until you go. I’m glad I was able to experience the music for the first time while there. Also, I suggest not googling Hamilton’s story either. I enjoyed not quite knowing what would happen next. I even couldn’t remember who won the dual, which added an additional element of suspense to the performance (and made me slightly ashamed of the fact that I have a history degree)!

And my final recommendation is not to bring children. Although the more adult topics and words will probably go over their heads, it’s hard to keep a child engaged for that length of time. The family in front of us brought their four young daughters, and they all fell asleep for most of the show! I added up the ticket cost for each child in my head and was horrified at how much money the parents wasted!


To get tickets to Hamilton, I suggest you sign up for notifications here. Then when new tickets are available you’ll receive an email. If you go this route you’ll have to wait about seven months to see the performance which trust me will feel like forever! But at least this way you’ll be able to pay face value for the tickets rather than having to buy them for an exorbitant cost secondhand.

Or, if you’re feeling lucky, you can enter the Hamilton ticket lottery here. With approximately 10,000 entries per day your chances of winning are very low, but should you be selected then you can get front row tickets for only $10. My friend Marilyn actually won once, so it is possible, but since she didn’t take me with her I should really be referring to her as my former friend Marilyn! (Kidding, Marilyn! Kind of…)

And then once you see it, you’ll be able to join our club.

Oh you’re seeing Hamilton? You’ll love it!


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  1. I LOVED reading this! I’m a huge fan of the show and, I can confess that I’ve seen a bootleg of the show (cause I live across the ocean and have no money :D ). For me I’d just be stunned if I at least get to go to the NYC.

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