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Jack’s Wife Freda

You may remember brunch round one, and knowing how my friends and I make plans I figured there wouldn’t be a brunch round two. After all, the same group of people have been trying to make weekly trivia night a thing and we’ve gone to one over the last three months!

So I was surprised when we actually all pulled it together to attend our monthly ladies’ brunch for the second month in a row. We headed to Jack’s Wife Freda since it’s one of the city’s most famous brunch spots. There’s a new location on Carmine Street (in the West Village) but we decided to go to the original on Lafayette Street (in SoHo).


Jack’s Wife Freda only takes reservations for six or more people, and those open up a month ahead of time and fill up almost immediately. If you have less than six people then I suggest you show up early and be prepared to wait.

I was only able to get a reservation for our group at 10:30am, which is considered the crack of dawn when it comes to New York City brunches. So when we sat down we immediately ordered caffeine.


And got out the sugar!


We don’t look that tired, right?!




The Lafayette Street location of Jack’s Wife Freda isn’t much to look at but we hoped that the food would be fabulous. After all, it had to be famous for a reason, right?!


Most of the girls ordered the breakfast bowl which has eggs, red quinoa, kale, spaghetti squash, grilled tomato and avocado. You can choose whether you want your eggs scrambled:


Or poached:


I had the Rosewater Waffle, which is flavored with, you guessed it, rose water and topped with Lebanese yogurt, mixed berries and honey syrup.

Clearly I didn’t read the menu carefully, because I was unpleasantly surprised when I put a big dollop of whipped cream on my first bite only to find out that it was sour yogurt!


Kendall (who isn’t pictured because I looked bad in that photo and it’s my blog, sorry Kendall!) ordered the Mediterranean Breakfast which has two eggs, chopped salad, labne, avocado and pita bread.


And Jess ordered the Green Shakshuka which has two baked eggs in a green tomatillo shakshuka and is served with challah toast.

I was really glad that she picked it because I wanted to get a picture of it! After all, it is Jack’s Wife Freda’s most popular dish on Instagram!


The food was good, but we’ve had good food all over the city. We all left feeling that Jack’s Wife Freda is overhyped, and definitely not worth waiting an hour or more for a table, as most people have to. I know my last couple of posts have been more negative than positive, and I hate that, but I do want to make sure I give you the full picture so that you’re not disappointed as well.

So when it comes to brunch in New York City, you my friend can do better than Jack’s Wife Freda.

And hopefully my friends and I will do better at brunch round three!


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