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Heyday Facials

Everyone is talking about Heyday, a facial shop that’s meant to be quick, inexpensive and easy. I’ve never been a big facial person (I prefer a massage any day) but figured I would check it out to see what all of the hype was about.

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I walked in for my appointment and was a little disappointed by the decor. Heyday is meant to be the drybar of facials, and drybar has such a carefully-crafted, cohesive image that Heyday fell short. There didn’t seem to be anything unique about it, and I felt like I could be standing anywhere.



Since it is a facial bar, I was curious whether or not the facials would be done in front of other people. I was glad to see that this wasn’t the case, and that there were curtained areas for the individual appointments. This way each person had privacy, but, since there were no doors, there was absolutely no blocking of sound. Throughout my entire facial process I had to listen to the receptionist chatting on the phone to her friend and the girl in the area next to mine brag about how drunk she was that weekend. It was not at all the classy, relaxing experience that I had been hoping for.


Heyday offers 30, 60 or 90 minute facials for $60, $95 and $135, respectively. I chose the 30 minute facial which is meant to give you a refreshing glow. In practice I just felt like the technician rubbed a bunch of lotion on my face. Plus, she started a few minutes late but still ended on time, so I lost a few minutes of my appointment which does matter when you only have 30.

Heyday also offers enhancements for $35, where you can add microdermabrasion, professional peels, phototherapy or beard therapy (for gentlemen) to your facials. I chose the phototherapy treatment and expected the 15-minute procedure to be added to my appointment time. Instead it was done during it, so I sat under a light for 15 minutes and had lotion rubbed on my face for 11 minutes and then it was over. I lost time on my facial appointment because of the treatment but still ended up having to pay more.


Then at the end of the appointment I wanted to freshen up my makeup because I was headed to dinner. The area dedicated to this purpose is really just a mirror located in a hallway in the back of the salon, and I had to put on my makeup in front of everyone as employees scooted past me. It was awkward and the layout felt very poorly planned.

On the plus side Heyday has relaxing chairs and offers free water bottles. But that’s about all of the benefits. Even the price, which is marketed as being inexpensive, wasn’t all that cheap. Between my facial and the treatment, I paid $95 for 30 (well… 26) minutes of sitting under a lamp and then having lotion applied all while listening to drunk girl stories.

Heyday was not at all worth it, and I hated the experience actually. I don’t generally write reviews of places that I don’t like, but since everyone is talking about Heyday I figured it was definitely worth making an exception so that you don’t waste your time and money.

Oh and if you’re wondering, afterwards my face looked normal and I didn’t notice any difference in my skin. So I strongly recommend skipping Heyday and visiting a real salon to have a facial experience that you will enjoy.

Heyday is a hey nay.


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