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Hunt & Fish Club

The Hunt & Fish Club had been on my New York City restaurant to-do list for awhile, so I was excited when I finally had the chance to dine there. It was supposed to have the two things I like in restaurants, good food and classy decor, so I figured I would love it.

Spoiler alert: I did not love it.



I arrived a little bit early and was impressed with the beauty of the space.

However, my evening got off on the wrong foot when the hostess refused to seat me until my plus one arrived. At that time in the night very few tables were occupied, so it was silly for me to stand there staring at all of the open tables for 20 minutes. I was especially annoyed because this is not a cheap restaurant. Guests end up spending quite a bit of money here, so it seemed ridiculous that restaurant policy treats them in this way.

But like I said, at least the space was gorgeous (note these pictures were taken at the end of our meal when it was much more crowded).



For a starter we ordered the Burrata, which is seasoned with pumpkin, quince and chestnut and garnished with a polenta crisp. It was fine, nothing special.


We also started with the Lobster Bisque served with Sherry Cream which again was just average.


For our main course we both had Max’s Lobster Lasagna which is an interesting twist on the classic lasagna. This version is rolled and fried, and while I liked the idea mine was overcooked.


We also shared the Truffle Tater Tots as a side, and the only thing that had truffle was the sauce. The tater tots were just normal tater tots, with no flavor really, so the dish was disappointing. And when truffle tater tots are disappointing, that’s saying something!


To top it all off, the waiter was extremely inattentive during our mediocre, but expensive, meal. We told him when we sat down that we had a short time window, but he was extremely unhurried in taking our order, bringing us the check, or settling the bill.

In fact, the waiter brought the receipt back without the credit card and then barely reacted when we pointed out his error. He insisted he didn’t lose it and then walked away, leaving us to attempt to waive down another waiter who could bring over the manager. The manager was equally uninterested in helping us, and it took several more attempts and minutes to finally get the credit card back. This would have been frustrating at a McDonald’s, but it was especially obnoxious at a restaurant that is meant to provide guests with a fine dining experience.

I will not be going back to the Hunt & Fish Club despite its decor, and strongly recommend that you give it a miss. I would hate for you to waste your time, and money, when there are plenty of fabulous restaurants in New York City worth visiting.

Instead I recommend here, here or here, for starters.


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