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Eyebrow Shaping by Manana

I had always wanted to have someone professionally shape my eyebrows, since after years of threading they had slowly gotten thinner and thinner over time. The only problem? To have them professionally shaped you first have to let them fill in, and I was not interested in looking like a mess for several months while that happened.

So when I got my bangs (another beauty bucket list item) and they covered my eyebrows, I figured it was the perfect opportunity to let my brows grow. For several months I didn’t touch them, and then when I decided to grow out my bangs it was time to have my brows shaped.

I went to Manana Dzhanimanova at Frédéric Fekkai Salon because she’s the best in New York City (I mean Beyoncé is one of her clients so you know she must be fabulous)! The salon is gorgeous and located inside Henri Bendel on Fifth Avenue.



When I spent a summer in Africa I had also let my eyebrows fill in (this time out of laziness!) and the first time that I got them done afterwards it was so painful! So I was a little bit nervous about my appointment. But it turns out I had no need to worry. Manana waxed part of my brows and then tweezed the rest, but the tweezing didn’t hurt at all. I’m serious, not even a little bit. I even asked her at one point whether she was tweezing, because I could barely feel anything.

Plus the entire process only took a few minutes, so before I knew it my brows looked fabulous:

Version 4

Version 2

Manana is so sweet, and kept calling me “honey” in her gorgeous accent. She reminded me of my great grandmother (although Manana is much younger)! In fact, all of the employees at Frédéric Fekkai Salon are extremely nice.

Version 2


Afterwards Manana taught me how to use an eyebrow pencil to make my brows look even more fabulous, and encouraged me to continue to let them fill in. Apparently it takes brows 6 months to fully recover from excessive tweezing, waxing and threading.

Version 3

Manana made a huge difference in my brows, and I couldn’t get over how good they looked. Visiting her is on the pricer side ($65 plus a $15 cash-only tip) but I definitely feel that the cost is worth it. One of my New Year’s resolutions is to spend money on things that matter, and since you wear your eyebrows every day (ha) I highly recommend visiting the expert.

You can make an appointment with Manana here, or call (212) 753-9500.

Trust me, you will absolutely love her!


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