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Nasdaq Closing Bell

My mom has a bucket list that we always tease her about because she doesn’t add items until she’s already done them. When she took me to Egypt after I graduated high school, as we were riding camels around the pyramids in the hot desert sun, she remarked on how incredible of an experience that it was, and stated that she would definitely be adding it to her bucket list. And then checking it off. The same thing happened when we went swimming with sharks in Hawaii and when we went zip lining across the Rocky Mountains. If it was a cool experience she added it to her bucket list and then immediately was able to cross it off. She is the only person I know that has a completed bucket list… of seven items.

As much as we tease her for it, I finally understood her thought process when I was invited to a Nasdaq Closing Bell Ceremony. I had never even considered adding a Market Bell Ceremony to my bucket list, but once I was invited I realized that it should be on there. And that I would be able to almost immediately cross it off!


We arrived and were welcomed by Peter Strandell, the Senior Vice President and Group Treasurer at Nasdaq. I’m guessing with that job title he doesn’t normally do tours! But he gave us one despite his high rank, and spent time talking with us about Nasdaq, his experience at the company, and the lessons that he’s learned along the way.




Then it was time for the closing bell! Although the ceremony is simple (pressing a button that has no actual affect on the market, which will close at 4pm regardless of what we do), there was a lot of excitement behind it. There was clapping and cheering and cameras broadcasting the ceremony on a giant screen in Times Square.




It was really fun, and I felt lucky to be part of it.

And lucky that I can check another item off of my bucket list…


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