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Michelle (from my trip to Hungary) was visiting the city, so all of us Hungarian New Yorkers decided to get together for a reunion at Covina, a new-ish restaurant in Rose Hill.


The decor is warm and inviting with cute accents and details.





It was SO much fun seeing everyone from our trip and reminiscing about one of the best summers of our lives. I had missed these wonderful Hungarians!







In fact, there was a Hungarian reason for choosing this restaurant. The menu featured Hungarian Potato Fry Bread, which we hoped would be the American version of Lángos, one of our favorite foods in Hungary.

The restaurant’s signature version featured smoked salmon, kefir ranch, crispy capers and fresh herbs. Some of the group ordered it and thought that, although beautifully presented, it tasted fine but not amazing.



However Michelle and I wanted real Lángos, which is normally served with sour cream, garlic and cheese. So we asked for our Hungarian Potato Fry Bread to only have those ingredients. We were hoping for this:


But what we got was this:


We laughed out loud when we saw it. The dish was basically garlic bread covered in cheese with a weird ranch sauce on the side. It was so disappointing! We wanted Lángos!


At the end of the meal the waitress still insisted on charging us $16 for each piece of bread, which is ridiculous, even by New York standards. We politely requested a price reduction since our meal didn’t come with salmon, which would have been the most expensive ingredient in the dish. When she refused, I figured since we were paying for the salmon we may as well have it, so I asked for our salmon to go! She gave us that at least!


A few others decided not to go the fake Lángos route and ordered meals that once again were fine, but not amazing.


However we didn’t worry too much about the food because we had each other.



And the Pulis were once again united.



While Covina has a good vibe, I wouldn’t recommend it based on the food. It didn’t blow us away, and most of us left hungry (Hungary?). But it was still a fabulous night entirely because of the people. If we can make being in the hot sun in a field in 105 degree temperatures fun, then we can make anything fun!

Here’s to many more ReConnect Hungary reunions… and hopefully many more plates of real Lángos!


P.S. To read more about my adventures in Hungary, click here.

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