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Top of the Rock

When Sara visited New York we wanted to show her all of the city. But since we only had the weekend we decided to show her all of the city… all at once.

We headed to Rockefeller Center (which is already open for ice skating!) and then straight up to the Top of the Rock.


The elevator ceilings are glass, and the shafts are lit with blue lights, so the ride to the top feels just like you’re on a Disney ride. Now all that you need is rock and roll music!


We made it to the top and walked out to beautiful views of New York City.








Can you see the Times Square Ball that drops on New Year’s Eve?


How about now?


As you can see the weather was awful on the day we went. The sky was cloudy and grey, and you couldn’t see as far as you normally can from the Top of the Rock.

However, on the bright side, there were very few people up there. So we felt like we had the whole place to ourselves and we didn’t have to fight people to get good views (or pictures)!






Do the views from the Top of the Rock look familiar? Maybe it’s because you recognize them from this iconic photo taken during construction.


Or from this iconic photo.


Even though the weather was gross it was still nice to see New York City from above. Plus the Top of the Rock is the only lookout in the city that gives you amazing views of Central Park. So I say it’s worth visiting next time you have an excuse (aka friends or family in town)!

You can find out more information, and buy your tickets, here.

And then you too can be on top of the… rock.



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