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Caramel Apple Spread


After going apple picking with the girls I came home with a ton of apples. Someone suggested that I make apple pie, but that seemed like way too much work! So instead I made this Caramel Apple Spread that has 3 ingredients and takes 3 minutes. It was so much easier than apple pie!

To make, you’ll need:

8 ounces of cream cheese

Caramel sauce

Toffee bits


Wondering where the apples come in? The spread is a topping for the apples. You’ll want to wait to make the spread (and slice the apples) until you’re ready to serve.

Begin by placing the cream cheese on your serving tray.


Then cover the cream cheese in a generous (and I mean generous!) layer of caramel sauce.



Then sprinkle on some toffee bits!


And you’re done!

Set out the dish with a cheese knife or two, along with plenty of apple slices. Guests can then apply the spread themselves. Be prepared for everyone to be standing around the dish, eating helping after helping. It’s that good!



You will absolutely love how easy and delicious this sweet treat is!


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