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Aladdin on Broadway

Oh I come from a land, from a faraway place…

It should come as no surprise that I had the song Arabian Nights stuck in my head in the days leading up to seeing Aladdin on Broadway. Isn’t it stuck in your head now too? I did that on purpose!


Marilyn and I headed over to the New Amsterdam theater in the middle of the work week for an escape… to Agrabah.



How cute are these drink names?


We each ordered one, and sat down in our seats with our sippy cups. See, Aladdin is fun for all ages!



Come on down, stop on by, hop a carpet and fly to another Arabian night…

The show was amazing! I had the biggest smile on my face the entire time. I’m not kidding, I was grinning! The costumes and sets were striking, and everything was so visually pleasing, especially the dance numbers. It was so fabulous!




The story was similar to the movie, and there were a few new songs added. But the one thing that I did miss was that there was no Abu! None of the animal characters were there, including Iago and Rajah. I mean I get that they can’t have a tiger onstage, but still… what about Abu?! I love Abu!

Instead of Abu, Aladdin had a gang of thieves (aka his friends). And instead of Iago the parrot, Jafar had a court jester who was named Iago.



We were invited to the show as part of a blogger night, and the ladies at Disney Style treated us like VIPs the entire time.


During intermission we got to hold Aladdin’s lamp. It’s actually pretty heavy!


Where’s MY genie?!


After the show, the characters came out and talked with us about their experiences and everything that goes into the production.

The only off-limits topic? How the magic carpet works! It is pretty impressive. During the show, the carpet flies around at different heights and in different directions, just like… well… magic.


One of my favorite characters in the show was the Genie. Normally the Genie is played by James Monroe Iglehart, who has won a Tony for the role. But tonight we saw Major Attaway perform, and he was fabulous! We were laughing the entire time!


We also got to meet Courtney Reed, who plays Princess Jasmine. She was super sweet, and told us how she met with the woman who did the voice of Jasmine in the Disney movie to get a feel for the character.


I’ll be honest, I hadn’t expected much. After all, I’ve seen the movie version a dozen times. But I ended up absolutely loving the performance. And I mean loving!

After my friends found out I had gone, the ones who had already seen Aladdin on Broadway raved about it too. It’s really a fabulous production, and I definitely recommend it!

You can find out more information, and get tickets, here.

Or you can enter the online ticket lottery here.

Arabian nights, like Arabian days, more often than not are hotter than hot in a lot of good ways…


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