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Sweet Home Chicago

For my dad’s birthday this year I initially planned on getting him Cubs tickets. After all, this is the Cubs year (I really, really hope)! But then my mom said that she was already planning on getting him Cubs tickets, so I had to think of something else. So I decided that my present would be… my presence at the Cubs game!

So I flew home to Chicago over Labor Day weekend for a belated birthday celebration.

We headed to Wrigley Field to watch the Cubs play the Giants. It’s an old, classic baseball stadium. The Cubs have been playing here since 1916!


I grew up going to baseball games at Wrigley Field with my family. Every year on our birthdays, my brother Josh and I were allowed to choose what we wanted to do for the entire day. I loved coming here so much that one birthday I chose to attend a Cubs double header. We sat in the bleacher seats (shown here) and held up homemade signs, hoping that we would either be on TV or catch a home run ball (both of equal importance when you’re 10).

The bleacher seats are a Wrigley Field institution, actually. It’s first come first serve seating, and you’re right above Wrigley’s iconic ivy. It’s not uncommon for the ball to get lost in the ivy during the game!


Here we are, the best part of the family (just kidding Josh!).


From the stadium seats you can see Lake Michigan off in the distance. And the rooftops of the buildings across the street, covered in bleachers by enterprising owners.



We sat down with our baseball game essentials.





And… deep dish pizza (it is Chicago after all!):


Then it was game time. Play ball!





Wrigley Field is one of the last remaining ballparks to have a hand-turned scoreboard. And sadly, this scoreboard indicates that the Cubs lost.


They also lost this summer when I saw them play the Mets. Maybe I’m bad luck?!

After the game, my dad was willing to pose for pictures in front of the Wrigley Field sign. I was worried. Agreeing to pose for pictures? What have you done with my real dad?!

However, in true Lou fashion, my mom arranged the perfect shot, and my dad wasn’t even looking at the camera.


Then my dad took the picture, and my mom and I were both looking at the camera. The shot, however, was less than perfect. Oh Lou!


At least we got one of the whole family. Happy birthday dad!


The rest of the weekend was spent doing my favorite Illinois things, like seeing family and friends, driving past cornfields at sunset, eating freshly-picked corn on the cob bought from the farm down the street, and walking around the lake in the mornings.

My friends Jenny and Amber even came over one afternoon for a BBQ. These girls are my family, and I loved being able to relax and spend time with them.


And they brought their whole squads!



My brother’s dog photobombed our family picture. I guess if Josh can’t be in the photograph at least his dog is!



And on Labor Day my beautiful grandmas came over for another BBQ.


The weekend couldn’t have been more perfect.


Chicago, it’s good to be home.


P.S. As a follow up, the Cubs did in fact win the World Series.

And that sentence will never not make me tear up.


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