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White Duck Taco Shop

We were staying right outside of Asheville during our North Carolina family reunion, so one day we decided to drive into the city for lunch. While walking around, we came across a woman giving henna tattoos. After a tremendous amount of effort, my aunt and I finally convinced my grandma to get her first tattoo!

We decided to all get matching ones, and we made my grandma go first so that she couldn’t change her mind!





I sent a snapchat to my family announcing that grandma had gotten a tattoo. This was my cousin Julia’s response:


Don’t worry Julia, they’re only temporary!

For lunch we ate at White Duck Taco Shop, a taco spot that our zip lining guides raved about. I stood in line in front of two guys who were there because their friends had raved about it too! Clearly White Duck Taco Shop has quite the reputation in Asheville!


It has a really unique combinations of tacos, so we got several to share.


We started with chips and salsa, and liked the salsas a lot.


My second favorite taco on the menu is the Chilled Lump Crab Taco. It’s served with pico, remoulade and fried caper.


The Fish Taco was also a hit, and has pico de gallo, chipotle crema and cabbage.


The Crispy Pork Belly Taco was also good, and is topped with a green onion sauce and pickled watermelon rind.


Our zip lining guides went on and on about how good the Bangkok Shrimp taco is, so of course we had to order one! This taco comes with cucumber, chili aioli and sesame glaze.


Finally, my favorite is the Mole Roasted Duck Taco. This gorgeous taco is topped with crema and apple-cranberry salsa. It was so good!

Version 2

Oh and the best part? Almost all of White Duck Taco Shop’s tacos are under $4 each!


White Duck Taco Shop has really fun, unique tacos that are delicious and cheap. It doesn’t get any better than that!

To find out more information on White Duck Taco Shop, click here.

Now what do you think the odds are that I’ll be able to convince my grandma to get a real tattoo?



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