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Biltmore Estate

This summer, my dad’s side of the family had a reunion in North Carolina. I know most people cringe when they hear the phrase “family reunion,” but I love our family reunions! We always have a blast, and everyone in my family is so much fun, and such wonderful people, that I would want to be their friends even if we weren’t related.

This year’s reunion was no different, and I had an amazing time. Here’s where we stayed:


Just kidding! This is Biltmore, an 8,000 acre estate owned by the Vanderbilt family. Isn’t it pretty? I’m thinking I was born into the wrong family!



During one of the days of our trip, my parents, cousins, aunts, uncles and grandma decided to visit. The grounds are massive! You need a car just to travel to the different buildings on the estate!

This is Biltmore House, the focal point of the property:


You can tour the inside, and see what it was like to be a Vanderbilt.

This is the winter garden, because obviously every home needs one.


The library is one of my favorite rooms.


And I love this chandelier.



The banquet hall is also a really neat room, and made me want to host a medieval-themed party!


But the true beauty of the home lies in its views.


(As a side note, I told my family to dress “photo ready” for the visit, since I knew that I would be blogging about it. Turns out “photo ready” to my dad means “as much American pride as possible!” A bald eagle and an American flag? It doesn’t get more American than that!)


From the house you can see the Smoky Mountains rising in the distance. In fact, the Vanderbilt property used to extend all the way to the mountains!




Can you imagine waking up, looking out the window and seeing this every day?! We’re not in New York City anymore!



In addition to the main house, you should absolutely visit the gardens while you’re there.


They are beautifully maintained, and have flowers and trees from all over the world.



The views are just lovely, and once you’ve had your fill, you can visit the property’s winery where Biltmore makes its own wine!


To find out more information on visiting the Biltmore Estate, click here.

Ok, I don’t really think that I was born into the wrong family. My family is amazing! But if I had to choose a second family…

Vanderbilts, here I come!



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