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2016 US Open

The day before I had tickets to the US Open, I googled the schedule of play, waiting with baited breath to see if my favorite tennis player (Rafael Nadal, obviously, look at him!) would be playing the next day. I think the whole office heard the shriek I made when I found out that he was!

I was about to see Rafael Nadal in person!

The next morning, I woke up well before my alarm feeling like a kid at Christmas. The day dragged by until finally it was time to head to Arthur Ashe Stadium for the evening matches.



If you have a ticket for an evening match at Arthur Ashe Stadium then you can enter the grounds anytime after 6pm. I recommend arriving as close to 6pm as possible, because it’s fun to walk around and catch a few late-running matches in the side courts.


Olivia arranged tickets for a whole crew of Quadrille people. It was fun being Olivia’s squad for the night!




We wandered around the grounds, taking advantage of every photo opportunity possible.




This one was my favorite pictures from the evening. Look at us crossing at the ankle and not at the knee. Our Quadrille training has paid off!


While we were walking around I SAW RAFAEL NADAL AND GOT TO MEET HIM!

…kind of.


This picture was another one of my favorites. After we took it, and a picture with the trophy, we gave Lexus our email addresses so that they could send us the pictures. They did, as well as a coupon for $500 off our first Lexus. Great, now it’s practically free!


And of course we took a picture with the US Open twitter sign. #blessed



Finally we headed into Arthur Ashe Stadium to take our seats. The women’s match had already begun, with Anastasija Sevastova ultimately beating Garbiñe Muguruza.



I absolutely love hot dogs (classy, I know) so it should come as no surprise to you what I had for dinner!


I finished my dinner, and the women finished their match, and then finally it was time for Rafa to take the court.


Ann and I snuck down a bit so that we could get a better look.


There he is!


Look at that beautiful man.


In my excitement in getting ready that morning, I had accidentally left my camera at home, so these pictures are taken on my phone and the quality is awful, I’m sorry!



So if you want a good picture of him, google “Rafael Nadal underwear model.”

You’re welcome.


It was an exciting match, with Rafa ultimately beating Andreas Seppi in straight sets.



And the match got even more exciting when it started to rain, and they closed the brand-new retractable roof for the first time ever! Although, for $150 million, you would think that they would have been able to make the roof close a little bit faster!


It was a really fun night with some of my favorite people (I mean my friends, not just Rafael Nadal!). It was my best US Open experience to date, and every time I go I find new things that make it such a special New York event.

To find out more information on the US Open, click here. For ticket information, click here.

To read tips and tricks for attending the US Open, check out my post from last year.

For pictures of Rafa, click here (and bookmark this link!)

And if anyone knows Rafael Nadal be sure to send him my way… and remind me to delete this fangirl post. Immediately.


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