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Shakespeare in the Park

Every summer, Central Park’s Delacorte Theater hosts free Shakespeare performances by professional actors. The cast usually includes a few famous names. Meryl Streep, Al Pacino, Philip Seymour Hoffman and Denzel Washington have all performed at Shakespeare in the Park.

The only problem? It’s usually so difficult to get tickets! You can either wait in line at noon every performance day (but you should really get in line at 6am), enter the ticket lottery, or you can donate $200 to Shakespeare in the Park in exchange for only one reserved seat. So yes, it’s a free show, which is amazing, but not many New Yorkers get to experience it.

Needless to say, when TodayTix invited Jess and me to Shakespeare in the Park, we said yes!

The evening began with a TodayTix-hosted party backstage.



They served drinks and a bite-sized dinner, including mini cheeseburgers and fried mac and cheese. You know how people always say to make friends with the bartenders? Jess and I always, always end up making friends with the people serving food! Before long, they were bringing each new tray from the kitchen straight to us prior to circling it around the party. Thanks friends!


It was fun being backstage, although it was so tempting to sneak onstage since it was right there!

I didn’t. I promise.


The event had two special aspects that I thought were really cool. One was a photo booth which obviously I loved!


And the other was an artist creating a graffiti mural inspired by Shakespeare’s plays.



He just created it right in front of our eyes, like it was no big deal!

Look how well it turned out:



After the party, we were given one more drink in a to-go cup and were sent to our seats. Central Park’s Belvedere Castle can be seen in the background of the theater, which made for a really cool Shakespeare-esque set design.


The evening’s show was a modern version of Troilus and Cressida.


It was fantastic! The characters dressed in present-day clothes, and said the lines with a modern inflection that made them easy to understand. It didn’t feel like a stuffy Shakespeare play at all!

The acting was excellent, and we were lucky enough to have Corey Stoll from House of Cards as one of the performers! Plus the sets and special effects were professional, and you can tell that a lot of money goes into these free performances. I cannot recommend Shakespeare in the Park enough!


You can find more information on Shakespeare in the Park, here. And you can click this link to enter the online lottery.

And thank you TodayTix for hosting us! TodayTix is an app that allows you to buy discounted last-minute theatre tickets in New York City, and it also hosts the online lottery for Shakespeare in the Park tickets. You can find more information, and download the app, here.

I’m so glad I got to go!

“Untune that string and hark what discord follows.”


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