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Founding Farmers

You know how disappointed I was with the first restaurant that I ate at in DC. Luckily, eating at Founding Farmers was like night and day! This restaurant is absolutely FABULOUS!

And the name is pretty clever too!


You will definitely need a reservation! I could only reserve at table at 9:45pm on a weeknight, and I still had to wait 30 minutes after I arrived before I was sat.

The restaurant did pass around its Glazed Bacon Lollis to the 40 or so people waiting, so all was forgiven!



Founding Farmers is a farm-to-table restaurant with the freshest food I’ve ever had!

I started with the Blue Cheese Bacon Dates, and they were phenomenal.



As a side, I sampled the Maple Pecan Sweet Potato, and it was melt-in-your-mouth good.


For my main course, I ordered a salad. That’s right, a salad (yes hell has frozen over and pigs just flew past the window)! Ordinarily, I don’t believe in salads. They’re just so sad. But the Shrimp Louie Cobb is the best salad I’ve ever tasted! It has generous portions of cucumber, mango, avocado, egg, potato, tomato and shrimp.



The flavors combine perfectly, and the salad is so healthy, and tasty, that you just feel good eating it.



I was genuinely disappointed that I wasn’t hungry enough to eat all of it!

I’ve been to plenty of farm-to-table restaurants, and most of them taste just like normal restaurants. Founding Farmers is different. The food tastes so incredibly fresh, it’s as if there’s a farmer in the back preparing every dish. You have got to eat here when you next visit DC!

To find out more information, and reserve a table, click here.

I never thought I would say this, but I’m really wishing I could eat a salad right about now!



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