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Spring in DC

Spring was in the air when I arrived in Washington, DC! I was in town to lobby congress (yes, it was just like House of Cards!) but I was quickly distracted by the lush lawns, blue skies and blooming flowers.



The cherry blossoms hadn’t quite opened up yet, but you could tell that they were almost ready for their big moment!



I quickly decided that spring is my favorite DC season.


And it’s the perfect time to take selfies!


One of the days was cold and rainy, so I headed inside for brunch at one of DC’s most famous restaurants, Old Ebbitt Grill.



Ordinarily, if I eat at a restaurant and don’t like it at all, I don’t bother blogging about it. Who wants to read a post about a horrible restaurant? But in instances when the restaurant is well known, and my readers may be planning on eating there, I do decide to write about it.

You can tell where this is going, can’t you? Old Ebbitt Grill was awful. I started with the New England Clam Chowder, and I’ve had better soup out of a can (which is maybe where they got it).


The restaurant is known for its oysters, so I ordered the Fried Oysters Eggs Benedict.


It was equally bad. The dish had no presentation whatsoever, and the potatoes looked completely unappetizing. My plate looked, and tasted, like something you would get at a diner. I barely ate any of it, and left the restaurant hungry.


I was so disappointed! I had heard such good things about Old Ebbitt Grill! Next time you’re in DC, ignore the hype and eat somewhere else. I happily recommend Founding Farmers instead!

Luckily the bad brunch didn’t spoil my trip, and there were many more days of spring and sunshine.


It’s impossible to be sad when it’s spring in DC!



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  1. So sad to hear you didnt like old ebbitt! I had the rehearsal dinner for my wedding there and of course being in DC for almost 10 years have eaten there on a number of occasions. I definitely recommend going for dinner and not for brunch. For dinner get the crab cakes and filet mignon – the 2 things they are best known for. Alas Founding Farmers has been very hit or miss for me over the years with the misses winning out for the most part. Next time you are in town would love to take you out to eat somewhere fabulous!!


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