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Bob Bob Ricard

I absolutely love living in New York, but London will always, always have my heart. I lived there off and on throughout my life, and truly came into my own while there. Every time I go back, I am the happiest person, walking around with the biggest smile on my face. I love everything about it: the history, the culture, the people… the list goes on.

My most recent trip was no different. Even though I’ve seen the sights a million times, I always make sure to wander around Westminster while I’m in town. The sun was just setting as I arrived, and the sky provided a gorgeous blue background to the stunning landmarks.





This is the absolute best place to take a phone booth picture. See if you can find it during your next visit to London! (and send me the picture, of course!)




For dinner, I stopped at a Soho restaurant that I had been wanting to try ever since it began popping up on my friends’ social media feeds: Bob Bob Ricard.


The inside is gorgeous, and invokes a glamorous 1920s hunting lodge.





But the real draw of Bob Bob Ricard is right here:


Every booth has this “press for champagne” button, and in my opinion every home should have it as well! (and office… and airport… and doctor’s office…)

When I sat down, the waiter asked if I wanted anything to drink. Was he crazy?! I wasn’t just going to order my drink! So I said “no, not yet.” Once he walked away, it was time to press that button!


Two servers rushed up to me and asked, “would you like champagne?” Yes. Yes I would.

And before I knew it, a cool glass of Ayala Rosé Majeur was in front of me.

The button worked! It was tempting to just keep pressing it, it was so much fun!


In between champagne courses (and pressing that fun button!) I also ordered dinner. My main dish was the Chicken Kiev. This is juicy breaded chicken stuffed with sweetcorn mousse, garlic and tarragon and served with a cranberry and red wine sauce.


It was fabulous, and the best chicken kiev I’ve ever had!


For a side, I ordered the Truffled Mashed Potatoes, which are melt-in-your-mouth amazing.

Clearly there’s more to Bob Bob Ricard than just the champagne button!



To find out more about Bob Bob Ricard, and to make a reservation, click here.

After a delicious meal, and one too many glasses of champagne, I headed back out into gorgeous London.


It’s good to be home.



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