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It doesn’t get more posh than a caviar dinner in Manhattan. And it doesn’t get more delicious than caviar from Petrossian. Combine the two (and Anton as your plus one!), and you’re in for a truly memorable evening.

Located in midtown, Petrossian is housed in one of the most beautiful, historic buildings in the city.


The restaurant is elegant, and I have never, ever experienced such gracious hosts. From the hostess to the waiter, from the bartender to the managers, everyone was incredibly attentive, and their warmth made you feel right at home.


Anton and I were treated to the 6 course Chef’s Tasting Menu, developed by Executive Chef Richard Farnabe. All of the courses incorporated caviar, and were carefully crafted to enhance the caviar’s flavor. Oh and did I mention each course was paired with complementary wine?

I know bread isn’t a course, but isn’t the cover of the butter adorable? It reminds me of the bell you press at hotels to get the concierge’s attention!


It turns out our first course was a bonus course (aka it didn’t count towards the 6). And instead of wine, this dish was paired with Russian vodka. According to the manager, the chef’s goal is to have every customer leave feeling full and “a little wobbly.” We were off to a good start!


These lollipops aren’t actually sweet, and instead have salmon inside them. How cool is that?!


The first course was my favorite. The caviar was fabulous, and the crunchiness of the cracker perfectly complemented the creamy filling.



The second course was delicious as well, and the meat flavoring reminded me of a hot dog (the chef may be cringing with that comment, but I say it with love, because I adore hot dogs!).


The drop on the right is a drop of Guinness, caramelized. I would love to see how they make it!


The pasta dish was also incredible (are you sensing a theme here?). The parmesan cheese in the middle paired well with the caviar, and I love anything that has pasta in it!



The fish was good too, but didn’t quite wow me like the other dishes. The bar had been set too high!



But the lamb was Anton’s favorite dish. I swear I saw a single tear roll down his cheek while he was eating it!

(Ok, before he kills me for saying that, I did not actually see a tear. He just had something in his eye…)



Finally it was time for dessert, and I thought it was fun how the dish was topped with actual, edible silver.



The entire meal was incredible, and made for a truly extraordinary experience.


To find out more about Petrossian, click here. To make reservations, call (212) 245-2214.

Dare I say, Petrossian is now my new favorite New York restaurant?

Yes. Yes it is.


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