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Escape the Room

Or, as this post should more accurately be titled, not escaping the room! But more on that later…

Escape the Room is a fun, interactive game taking New York City by storm. You are locked in a room, and you have to solve mystery puzzles, find hidden objects, and figure out clues in order to escape. And you only have 60 minutes to accomplish it!

Escape the Room NYC Wanderlust in the City

There are two Escape the Room locations in the city, one in midtown and one downtown. Each location has different room themes to choose from, such as being locked in the office (everyone’s worst nightmare, right?!), locked in a tiny NYC apartment (another scary thought!), locked in a theater or locked in a spy agency.

My cousin Marisa and I had been wanting to try Escape the Room for over a year, and a few months ago we finally got our act together and booked tickets. If you book early you can buy tickets for the entire room, and then invite your friends to come with. This way you will know everyone that you’re playing with, and it ends up being a fun bonding experience. Otherwise you can just buy a few of the room’s tickets, and meet new people.

We chose to be locked in a room resembling an old, Victorian home. This room allows up to 6 players, so we invited our cousin Blair, and our friends Jess and Anton, to join us.

We are all smart people, so I assumed escaping the room wouldn’t be that difficult. I couldn’t have been more wrong! It was challenging, in the best possible way.

Escape the Room NYC Wanderlust in the City

The game was really clever, but unfortunately we were not! Despite our collective efforts, we weren’t able to escape the room in time. But we got really close, and afterwards the moderator walked us through the game so that we could see how everything fit together.

Escape the Room NYC Wanderlust in the City

Despite our failure (and Blair, Marisa and I bringing shame upon our family!) the game was still a lot of fun! It was very engaging, and we appreciated the difficulty level, because easy would have been boring.

To find out more about Escape the Room, and to book a game, click here.

And if you’re able to escape, I’ll be seriously impressed!


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