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Lifebooker for Beauty

If you haven’t heard of Lifebooker, I promise you, your life is about to change. Lifebooker is a beauty website that offers amazing deals on unbooked beauty appointments. I’m talking airbrush tans for $19, personal training sessions for $10, facials for $35, brazilian waxes for $15, and a cut, color and blowout for $49. And these are services performed by top salons! I used Lifebooker the last time I colored my hair and paid 25% of what I normally do. See, life changing!

Lifebooker New York City

Lifebooker is located in New York and Los Angeles, as well as 17 other major cities. But if you can’t be bothered to head alllllll the way to a salon, it now has a new service: Lifebooker on Location. Your favorite beauty services will now come to you, with the deep discounts that you can expect from Lifebooker.

Lifebooker New York City

I just had to give it a try, so this afternoon I received a gel manicure in the comfort of my own apartment (for the AMAZING Lifebooker price of $19!). Unlike at the salon, I got to choose the music, pour my favorite drink, and sit back and relax.

While Julie set up, I picked my color.

Lifebooker gel manicure

Nude is fall’s biggest shade, so I decided to go with the trend.

Lifebooker gel manicure

Lifebooker gel manicure

Lifebooker gel manicure

If you’ve never had a gel manicure, now is the perfect time! It lasts for about 3 weeks, which is amazing because polish never lasts on my nails! It’s a miracle: no chips, no breaks, no problems whatsoever! For 3 weeks!

Lifebooker gel manicure


Lifebooker gel manicure

Lifebooker gel manicure

I could definitely get used to having my beauty appointments come to me!

You can find New York deals here, and Los Angeles deals here.

With Lifebooker, how can you NOT be excited about your next beauty appointment?!


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