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Paint Nite

This past Tuesday Julie and I went to Paint Nite, an activity that was very high on my summer to-do list. Paint Nite is a two-hour painting class held at bars and restaurants throughout Los Angeles. The instructor provides everything you need: a canvas, paints, brushes, and a smock. All you need to do is show up and order a cocktail or two!

Julie and I went to the Paint Nite held at Sagebrush Cantina, a Mexican restaurant in Calabasas. When we got there, all of the equipment was set up and ready to go!

Paint Nite


The designated painting for the night was called “Boat on the Bay.” As someone with very limited artistic skills (and I mean very limited), I seriously doubted that my painting would look anything like this!

Paint Nite

We ordered a glass of wine and took our seats.

Paint Nite

Our lovely instructor, Elizabeth, began to guide us through the painting, giving us step-by-step instructions. It was really fun watching the scene slowly come to life.

Paint Nite

Paint Nite

Paint Nite

Paint Nite

Julie was clearly on a whole other level than me. Look at her blending technique!

Paint Nite

It was fun looking around at other people’s canvases and seeing how each painting was slightly different.

Paint Nite

Adding the trees and branches was the hardest part!

Paint Nite

Paint Nite

Here are our finished masterpieces! Mine is on the left and Julie’s is on the right. We were worried about messing up the boat, so we ended up leaving it out of our paintings. So really our work should just be called “The Bay.”

Paint Nite

Paint Nite

If I can create a semi-decent work of art, anyone can do it!

I had such a great time at Paint Nite, and it’s something that everyone should try! If you do want to take a class, make sure to sign up in advance, as space is limited and it sells out quickly!



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  1. Didn’t know this activity existed – thank you so much for the info!!! Going to round up some friends to do
    this one night. And by the way, I love the paintings you and Julie completed – good job!


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