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After a delicious lunch down by the water, my family and I headed up to Seattle’s famous Pike Place Market.

Seattle Pike Place Fish Market

Our first stop was at Pike Place Fish Market, which has the freshest seafood that Seattle has to offer.

Pike Place Fish Market

Pike Place Fish Market

It’s also world famous, do you know why? Maybe this sign will give you a clue…

Pike Place Fish Market

Or this artist’s rendition (no, I didn’t draw it. It’s far too good…)

Pike Place Fish Market

Yes… THEY THROW THE FISH! Every few minutes one of the workers will grab a fish and hurl it across the room to one of his coworkers. I’m not sure why, but I do know it’s pretty entertaining!

I saw an episode of The Bachelor once where Sean got to catch a fish! So I told my family, friends, anyone who would listen really, that I wanted to catch a fish when I went to the Fish Market. No one thought that I would be allowed to do it, but I had hope… and a mom who asked on my behalf!

They said yes, so I eagerly climbed up and prepared to catch the fish. I remember looking out into the crowd and seeing my brother just shaking his head. Oh hey Josh!

I got ready and…

Pike Place Fish Market


Pike Place Fish Market

Thank goodness I caught it, that would have been so embarrassing otherwise!

After my impressive catch, we continued to explore Pike Place Market. It has perfect vegetables…

Pike Place Market

Massive lobster tails…

Pike Place Market

And women arranging the most beautiful bouquets I’ve ever seen!

Pike Place Market

Pike Place Market

It seemed like such a fun place to shop!

Across the street from the market is the first Starbucks… and hoards and hoards of tourists! No way were we waiting in that line!

The First Starbucks

So instead we decided to see more of the city. Space Needle, here we come!

Seattle Space Needle

The views of the city are pretty incredible.




Ticket prices depend on what time of day you go. You can find more information, and purchase tickets, here.




After the Space Needle we had time for one more activity. My dad absolutely loves sailing, so as an early Father’s Day present Josh and I decided to take him (and my mom) out on the water.





Of course we all had to get a really cool sailboat shot! This was my mom’s:




My dad’s:


And… Josh’s:



We finished the photo shoot with my parents reenacting Titanic… and the entire boat laughing “with” them.

Titanic Sailing



It was the perfect end to our day in Seattle.

Happy Father’s Day dad!



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