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Harlequin Blogger Tea

Recently I received an invitation that every avid reader dreams of! Harlequin book publishers (yes, that Harlequin!) invited me to a blogger tea in its gorgeous New York offices.


The tea was held in celebration of Harlequin’s newest books, and many of the authors were in attendance!


The table was set beautifully, and I loved how the books were interspersed among the food (and surrounding the flowers!)







Book posters surrounded the room, and I was impressed with how well the cover art draws you in.



Especially cover art like this:




One cover in particular caught my eye, I wonder why?!


Avenge Me is the first book in Harlequin’s Fifth Avenue miniseries. It’s a perfect beach read, and I read the entire book in one sitting (sadly, not at the beach). The plot revolves around a quest for revenge after a devastating betrayal, and features the romance element that Harlequin is known for. Regarding the romance, let’s just say it’s less Pride and Prejudice and more 50 Shades of Grey!

I’m really looking forward to reading the remaining Fifth Avenue books. Every New Yorker needs to pick them up!


As I mentioned, many of the books’ authors were in attendance at the tea. One that I spoke with, Mary Kubica, was absolutely sweet, and excited about publishing her first novel (which also happens to be the first book she ever wrote. Wow!)


The Good Girl draws you in from the beginning. The novel is written from the perspective of three characters, and jumps back and forth between “before” the kidnapping rescue and “after.” It’s a unique way to tell the story, and contributed to the book’s surprises. I definitely recommend this book, and was stunned (in a good way!) with how it ended.



Heather Gudenkauf was another wonderful author at the tea. She is a teacher and is very passionate about writing, and her enthusiasm made me excited to pick up her latest novel!


Whoa. Little Mercies has a stunning amount of depth, and a devastating storyline that you think about even after you’ve finished the book. Her novel definitely makes an impact, it’s one of those books that stays with you.


I began speaking with Lori Foster, one of Harlequin’s most successful authors, before I even realized who she was. I loved talking with her, and was impressed with her warmth and enthusiasm in recommending other authors.

Lori told me about moments in her life, like watching a teenage boy’s expression when he first sees his prom date in her dress, and how these little things stick with her enough to incorporate them into her stories. Because I liked her so much, I made sure to read Lori’s newest book, No Limits, as soon as I could. I brought it with me everywhere I went!


The minute I opened the book I immediately felt sucked into the story. It centers around a professional fighter with a handsome face, washboard abs, muscular arms… what? Oh sorry, I got distracted!

Anyway, he realizes that he’s in love with a woman from his past, and tries everything he can think of (it is a Harlequin book after all) to get her to stay in town and fall for him too. On top of this, she is being targeted, and several suspenseful scenes involve him trying to rescue her.

This is definitely a book that you will enjoy reading, and I look forward to reading more Lori Foster in the future!


After the blogger tea, we were sent off with a bag full of Harlequin books. I need to take a vacation just to read them all!



The coolest part? These are all advanced copies. I felt so in the know!


Need a book for your summer vacation? There’s only one thing you need to do:




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