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Austin, I love you so much.

After a beautiful sunset, my next day in Austin started and ended the same way: with lots and lots of wine!

We began by heading off to Hawk’s Shadow Winery for a relaxing wine tasting.


The winery has the most stunning views of the Hill Country. I couldn’t get over how beautiful it was where we were sitting!


Not a bad way to start the day!


Hawk’s Shadow Winery is family owned, and has the southern hospitality that I miss in New York!

While we were tasting the wines, one of the owners poured each bottle himself and answered all of our questions. He also mentioned that if we needed to use the restroom, we could head on up to his house at the top of the hill and let ourselves in. This would not happen in the city!

His wife came down too to chat, and kept bringing snacks because she “didn’t want to come empty handed.” It was adorable, and so very southern.




Apparently I didn’t get the Ray-Ban memo…


After finishing the whites, we trekked down the hill to explore the vineyard.



Our vineyard exploration lasted about five minutes before we decided to trek back up for the reds!




After enjoying the wine, we made it home just in time to watch California Chrome win the Kentucky Derby. To celebrate (yay California!) we put on our best Derby dress and headed off to the JDRF “Toast the Cure” event in downtown Austin.



JDRF is a charity focused on type one diabetes research. Toast the Cure featured live music, food and drinks, and was supported by many young Austin professionals. And one New York professional!

You can find more information on the charity here. I love any event that has a step and repeat!


So do the boys!



The next morning, we had time to take one more iconic Austin picture before heading back to Houston.


Austin, I miss you already!



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