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Tastes Like Texas

After one taxi to Penn Station, one train to New Haven, one train to Hartford, a ride from my aunt Colleen, one flight to Atlanta and one flight to Houston, I was finally, finally in Texas.

I was there to visit friends from college, and one of my favorites, Bekah, picked me up from the airport. She immediately took me to T-Bone Tom’s, a famous Texas BBQ restaurant that has been featured on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives.


Bekah absolutely raved about the Armadillo Eggs (what??) so we ordered them for a starter.


Don’t worry, they’re not real armadillo eggs. Assuming, of course, that armadillos actually lay eggs?

Anyway, this delicious appetizer is basically the same thing as jalapeño poppers, except with the added bonus of pulled pork stuffed inside the jalapeños.


They taste amazing, and have a major kick to them. I was soldiering on, dealing with the heat because they tasted so good, until Bekah suggested that I take out the jalapeños and eat the eggs with just the breading and the pulled pork.

Oh. Well that seems… obvious. What would I do without her?!


She, a true Texan, ate them like a champ!


For her main course, Bekah ordered T-Bone Tom’s Sausage Sandwich with a side of Macaroni and Cheese.


The sausage is quite possibly the best BBQ sausage I’ve ever had (yes… I may have snuck a bite…)

It is absolutely delicious, and it’s worth going to T-Bone Tom’s just for that!


I had the Sliced Brisket Plate, with Macaroni and Cheese and Curly Fries as my sides.




I ordinarily love brisket, but this came out very dry. I regretted not ordering the sausage!


However, as with anything, BBQ sauce always helps!


I loved the fact that we were able to sit outside (I hadn’t been able to do that yet in New York!) and listen to live music while we ate. It was the perfect start to my Texas trip!


After basically every meal we ate in Houston (and for a snack… and for breakfast…) Bekah and I had Berdoll’s Pecan Pie. I’ve never been inside a store that smells as good as Berdoll’s, which sells every kind of pecan dish, dessert and candy imaginable.


There’s just something so wonderfully Texas about eating pecan pie!


We had to have it with Blue Bell Ice Cream of course, another Texas staple that I miss when I’m away!



Oh my. That is good!

Stay tuned for more on my trip to Texas!



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  1. Oh my, I need some Texas BBQ in my life. Those armadillo eggs look outrageous! And the pie? You’re killing me!

    Have a wonderful time in Texas. It’s been years since I’ve been there, but it’s one of my favorite places in the county (sort of begrudgingly… I’m a yankee so all this is hard for me to admit ;) ).


  2. Berdoll’s Pecan Pie was possibly the best pecan pie i’ve ever had….Plus it came in such a cute box! The cinnamon-sugar pecans are also tasty.


  3. Well, some people just have all the fun, and I guess you’re the lucky one! The food looks amazing and the adventure must have been equally so.


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