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Spa Week at La Vie Zen Spa

With two simple words I am about to change your life. Are you ready for it? Here goes: Spa Week!

Yes, it IS as heavenly as it sounds! Twice a year, spas around the city offer luxurious services for only $50. This discount gives you the freedom to try out new spas, and perhaps sample treatments that you’ve always been curious about (hello caviar facials!)

Obviously I had to celebrate Spa Week (I am nothing if not dedicated to this blog!) so I headed over to La Vie Zen Spa in Midtown.


Because I thought taking selfies during my massage would be a little awkward (hash tag #massage?), I am now going to tell you all about my visit with the help of Getty Images.

I left the hustle and bustle of New York’s busy streets (looking this fabulous, obviously)…

…and entered into a soothing spa sanctuary. It was amazing how much calmer I felt already!

This week, La Vie Zen Spa offered a choice between a $50 massage or a $50 facial.

Since I LOVE massages, my choice was easy.

I changed into my terry-cloth robe and began relaxing in the lounge. The space was very soothing, and had a tv playing a calming video of the ocean’s tide.

After picturing myself on the beach (and flashing back to a beach massage I received in Mexico) it was time for my massage.

During the service, Sue put a wonderful, soothing mask over my eyes. It probably looked something like this:

But it made me feel like this:

I thought that Sue was great, and the hour flew by. But luckily I didn’t have to go straight back to reality, and was able to relax in the sauna.

Unfortunately, the sexy man was not included. Sad.

I really enjoyed La Vie Zen Spa, it’s the perfect Midtown oasis.

Spa Week is unfortunately over for spring, but keep checking the website for fall Spa Week information.

And be sure to book early, the appointments go fast!



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