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Melt Shop

As you know, Sara and I LOVE grilled cheese. So you can imagine how excited I was when I found a delicious shop in NYC that specializes in grilled cheese! I immediately texted Sara to tell her the good news, and that I would be taking her here when she visits!



You can find Melt Shop in three different locations in the city, two in Midtown and one in Chelsea. Because I wanted to blog about it, I decided to go there… a lot. Hey, I had to try a bunch of sandwiches before I found my favorites! After several months of trials and tribulations (yes, tasting a lot of grilled cheese IS as terrible as it sounds!) here are the winners:

First, may I present the fabulously decadent Truffle Melt! It has havarti, arugula and cracked black pepper and is drizzled with truffle oil on toasty sourdough bread. Yes, truffle oil. Sold!




Next, I recommend the Aged Cheddar melt with thick-cut maple glazed bacon. It’s the perfect mix of cheddar and bacon, you will love it!




I also like the Buffalo Blue melt. It has freshly-breaded boneless chicken tenders with pepper jack and crumbled blue cheeses, and is served with homemade buffalo sauce. It has a kick to it, and my only complaint is that the chicken pieces are a bit large!




I also LOVE the Tuna Melt! It has delicious tuna salad with celery, capers, sharp cheddar cheese and sliced tomato on white bread. I may or may not have ordered this more than once, you know… just to be 110% sure I liked it!




And my number one choice is… the 12 Hour Braised Pulled Pork! It is awesome! It even beats the truffle melt, and that is saying a lot because you know how much I love truffle!

The pork tastes amazing, and is topped with sharp cheddar, dill pickle and homemade BBQ sauce. I know it sounds weird, but the pickle adds the perfect balance to the sandwich!




Oh and I forgot to mention another important fact about Melt Shop. It has tater tots with dipping sauces!

The Shop Tots with Truffle Mayo Dip is to die for.




And I love the Pesto Dipping Sauce as well!




As many times that I’ve been there over the past few months, I still haven’t tried everything that I want to! Did you know Melt Shop has a Peanut Butter & Jelly milkshake?! It is definitely on my list!

To find the Melt Shop closest to your work, click here.

Odds are, you’ll probably see me there…



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  1. These grilled cheese sandwiches look SO great – I actually groaned when I scrolled and saw the first one.
    Remember “overnight delivery”????????? Would love it right NOW!


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