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Macaron Day NYC

Thursday, March 20, 2014 is a day that will go down in history. It will forever be known as Macaron Day NYC aka the best day of my life aka the day I ate 14 macarons!


Macaron Day NYC is the brainchild of renowned chef Francois Payard. On this very sacred day, New Yorkers can travel from bakery to bakery receiving one free macaron at each shop. Plus, a portion of the proceeds from any additional macarons purchased are donated to the charity City Harvest which helps feed New York’s hungry. Macaron Day NYC is an excellent way to taste test macarons while supporting those in need. Although, it does easily lend itself to the joke “let them eat macarons!”

I mapped out my macaron path the day before, and was eager to begin sampling bakeries. So during my lunch hour I headed out to the first two on my list… and proceeded to eat so many macarons that I was too full to try any more shops. It was a rookie mistake, and I will be sure to train better for next year!

My first stop was Eclair Bakery in Midtown.






I chose Pistachio for my free macaron because it is my absolute favorite macaron flavor!



I also ordered a few more… for charity.


In the top row (from left to right) are Coffee, Carmel and Vanilla.

In the bottom row (still left to right) are Raspberry, Passion Fruit and Rose.


They were all tasty, but I did have some favorites. The raspberry macaron tasted just like a big, juicy raspberry. It was crazy!


I don’t ordinarily like coffee-flavored desserts, but the coffee macaron was delicious and not too strong!


The Carmel macaron was probably my favorite of the bunch. I took a bite and literally went “oooo” in my head!

IMG_6903And I loved the Vanilla macaron as well – it tasted like melted ice cream!


Then I was off to MacarOn Cafe for my next macaron hit.





For my complimentary macaron I chose the Apple Pie flavor, mainly because it was so adorable!



It. was. FANTASTIC! If you can imagine what a Yankee candle would taste like (but in a good way, not a candle wax way!) this is how the macaron tasted. It was delicious and big and light and I could go on and on and on!


And then, of course, I ordered a few more macarons…


The flavors from left to right are Pistachio, Lemon, White Chocolate, Rose Lychee, Chocolate Passion Fruit and Orange Blossom.



Oh they’re all just so pretty!


I’ve had a lot of Pistachio macarons in my life, but I can easily say that this is the best ever. And the middle reminded me of butter, which made it even more heavenly!


The Lemon macaron was delicious as well – it tasted just like lemon meringue pie!


The White Chocolate macaron was also pretty and tasted a lot like mint chocolate chip ice cream.


Now can you see why I love Macaron Day NYC?! I wish it wasn’t just once a year!

Let them eat macarons every day!



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