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…upon a time (oh my gosh, even I rolled my eyes!) I went to see Once on Broadway.


I absolutely LOVE Broadway shows, and I was so excited to move to New York and have the opportunity to see one whenever I wanted! So I moved here and I immediately saw one… months later. Life gets busy!


But luckily it was worth the wait! The way this show begins is pretty genius. When you enter the theater, you’re given the option of either finding your seat, or finding the bar… ON THE STAGE! Yes, that’s right, there is a bar ON THE STAGE (can you sense my enthusiasm?!) that patrons can use! It has real alcohol and (I’m assuming) real bartenders, and it gives guests a feeling of being part of the show.

The coolest part, besides the bar ON THE STAGE (ha), is that from the time you enter the theater, performers are playing music onstage. The music is 100% Ireland, and sets the tone for the entire Dublin-based storyline.


After I found my drink and found my seat, it was easy to sit back and become absorbed in the Irish ballads. Little by little the lights dimmed, but no one seemed to notice. One person played after another, and then they began to talk to each other. Suddenly you realize that the lights are down and the show has seamlessly begun. It is such a unique effect, and really made Once stand out in my mind.


As with any good Broadway show, Once is a love story. I enjoyed watching it, but after the curtain went down I felt like I was left wanting more, both with the characters and with the plot. I wouldn’t describe it as one of my favorite shows that I’ve seen in New York, but it definitely left an impression.


You can find tickets to Once here.

I have a pro tip: get to the bar as soon as you can. If you wait too long the stage gets crowded and you won’t be allowed on to get a drink!

And when you do get a drink, give a sláinte for Ireland!


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