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Steak Compound Butter

Plated, my new favorite way to cook in NYC, was recently having a special where the company provided the ingredients for two dishes for just the cost of delivery. I took full advantage of that, and decided to make Winter Rolls for my first meal.

My second meal was a little less exotic, but no less tasty! With the help of Plated’s fresh ingredients and instructions (loosely described here), I made melt-in-your-mouth Steak Compound Butter.


Compound Butter for you non-chefs out there (yes… I had to google) is a butter topping mixed with spices, herbs and seasoning for extra flavor. It’s essentially the fancy butter that you find at steak houses, and it will impress all of your guests!

To make it, you’ll need:

1 stick of butter

1 shallot

1 clove garlic

1 sprig of parsley

Skirt steak


First set the butter aside so that it softens. Then peel the shallot and mince. A shallot is an onion (thank you, google) so watch out, because this part will make you cry!



Then do the same with the garlic clove.

Now chop up your parsley leaves into little pieces.


Combine these ingredients into a bowl, and use your hands to mash it all together!


Mold into your desired shape, and put the butter in the fridge to harden. It doesn’t matter how long you refrigerate it, so go wild!


In the meantime, fire up those steaks!


Then when they’re ready, serve with your fabulous Steak Compound Butter!





Oh, it’s good.

To order your own Plated recipe, click here.


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  1. That’s cool. You buy a meal that includes all the ingredients any you make it? That’s awesome. I wish there was a business like that around here.

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