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Sugarpova at Pinkberry

Last Thursday I was lucky enough to attend the launch of Pinkberry’s partnership with Sugarpova, Maria Sharapova’s premium candy line. Pinkberry worked with Sugarpova to design three candies made specifically for Pinkberry stores: Flirty Mini, a fruit-flavored candy in the shape of lips, Smitten Sour Mini, a sour rainbow candy strip, and Flirty Sour Mini, a collection of sour fruit-flavored lips, hearts and stars. Starting March 7, these three candies will be available at Pinkberry topping bars nationwide.

The best part about this event – other than all the candy and yogurt sampling (which I took full advantage of, don’t you worry) – was that Maria Sharapova herself was there to launch the collaboration! I am a massive tennis fan and have followed her career for several years. I can’t even begin to put into words how exciting this was for me.

After what felt like waiting forever, Maria finally made her entrance into Pinkberry and posed for some photos.




Enough of the pictures Maria, you have hungry customers waiting!


How cute were these t-shirts?!



I was so close to waltzing on up to the counter to see if Maria would serve me too. I’m not much taller than these kids, I could’ve blended in…


photo 2-152

Lucky, lucky kids.

photo 4-131

photo 1-159

photo 2-153

photo 1-160

photo 3-146

photo 4-133

After serving everyone yogurt, it was time for more photos. The kid on the far left was clearly not as impressed with Maria as I was! I can’t blame her though, the candies were pretty darn tasty.

photo 4-134

photo 1-162

photo 3-148

Maria then headed off to start her interviews.

photo 1-163

Meanwhile, I kept busy by doing what I do best… taking pictures and eating. There was lots and lots of eating.


photo 1-166

photo 4-139

photo 4-138

photo 2-158

I tried some of these…

photo 4-136

Oh, and some of these…

photo 1-165

When I had eaten more Pinkberry samples than I am willing to admit, I was asked if I would like to sit down with Maria for an interview. Oh, well sure. If you insist…

I was really interested to hear why she chose to start a candy line. It couldn’t be more different than tennis! Maria said that she has loved candy ever since she was a young girl. She remembers asking her mother for candy after tennis practice, to which her mother would respond, “if your coach is happy, you know you’ll get a reward!”

Maria is already a successful brand ambassador for several companies. However, she was eager to start a business and have something she could truly call her own. She said that she has been involved with every single aspect of this candy line – going to the factory, tasting the products, designing the candy, creating the packaging and logos… she calls the shots and does it all. She said that it’s been really fascinating to watch her idea come to life!

In the future, she hopes to turn her company into a full lifestyle brand. She said that people have really taken to the logo, and wants to eventually expand her business into fashion, beauty, and cosmetics.

You can’t help but support a young, intelligent woman when she starts her own business – even if she already happens to be an international tennis superstar. I found her to be even more beautiful in person, and so nice and humble.

photo 3-153

Be sure to try her candies when they arrive in Pinkberry stores this Friday. They are all delicious and paired very well with the yogurt!

When I got home, I opened up my gift bag and was excited to see that I had gotten a bag of my favorite of the three candies, Smitten Sour Mini, the sour rainbow candy strips. Those did not last long!

What. A. Day.



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  1. I’ve left comments in the past that SUGARPOVA should be Las Vegas – WYNN RESORT- I HOPE IT WILL BE IN OUR PINKBERRY IF IT’S STILL HERE -CAN’T WAIT! LOVE YOU MARIA! 💜💋💜💋💜🍬🍧🍬🍧💜💋💜💋💜


  2. I loved this post – thank you! The candies are very appealing and I will be sure to try some when I’m next
    at Pinkberry.


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