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Candy Cane Lane

I grew up in the San Fernando Valley area of Los Angeles, and for as long as I can remember, it has been a tradition to visit Candy Cane Lane around the holidays.

Every year, beginning on the second Saturday in December, an eight square-block area of Woodland Hills is transformed into Candy Cane Lane, an amazing holiday display filled with Christmas lights and decorations. I’m not talking about decorating a tree here or a lamp post there. This community goes all out with the Christmas spirit.

I have wonderful memories of visiting Candy Cane Lane when my sister and I were little girls. We would visit late at night in our pajamas, clutching our hot cocoa and blasting Christmas music on the radio. We would hang out of the windows or stand up through the sunroof of our car while Mom expertly navigated through the crowds.

I’m so happy to say that not much has changed. Christmas music still blares from almost every car. Children still excitedly hang out of the car windows, eager to catch a glimpse of Santa. And the Christmas displays are still just as beautiful…


photo 2-33








photo 3-25

photo 4-18

photo 1-34

photo 4-22

photo 2-37

photo 2-38

photo 3-30

photo 5-14

photo 4-25

photo 3-31

photo 3-32

photo 4-31

photo 5-21

photo 3-37

photo 2-46

photo 4-32

photo 2-45

photo 3-34

photo 1-44

photo 3-35

photo 5-19

photo 1-43

I hope this is one tradition that lasts forever.

To get to Candy Cane Lane, exit the 101 freeway at Winnetka (it’s located at the intersection of Lubao and Oxnard Streets).

Happy holidays everyone!



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  1. This post kept a smile on my face – thank you! It made me so happy to see all of those wonderful X-mas lights – WOWIE! I’m ready to fill the mugs with hot chocolate and head over there.


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