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How to Draw the Perfect Cat Eye

I love a cat eye – it’s fashionable and fresh, and gives you a sultry, mysterious look even when the rest of your makeup remains low key. After a little bit of practice, it is quickly becoming my go-to look, and is way easier than I ever imagined!


1. To achieve the perfect cat eye, you’ll need a felt-tip black liquid liner. I prefer a felt tip because it feels like you are writing rather than drawing. My favorite is hands down the Covergirl Line Exact Liquid Liner.

photo 2-7

2. A pointed cotton swab. Precision Q-tips work perfectly or you can use a regular Q-tip if it’s all you have.


1. Look at yourself straight on in the mirror. Where your eyebrows end should be the direction your eyeliner goes, so if you kept drawing, your liner and eyebrow would connect (but don’t do that!). Now tilt your chin upwards and look back down at the mirror with your eyes. Start at the outside corner of your eye. Draw a “flick” up toward the end of your eyebrow. Repeat on the other eye.


2. Check to make sure that your wings are symmetrical with one another. Take your Q-tip (dipped in makeup remover) and perfect your line. Take out any harsh marks and erase them away.

3. Once you have the angle of your wing, simply draw on your eyeliner like you normally would and connect the liner with your “flick.” Here you can control how thick or thin you want your line.


Viola! You are ready for a night out on the town!


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