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Yoga & Mimosas at the Roosevelt Hotel

While Sara and I were taking pictures for our blog photoshoot, I ran into a friend of a friend named Nicole. We made plans to hang out, and I figured we would get drinks, or meet for coffee, or do some other standard new friend activity. But instead, Nicole invited me to join her for yoga and mimosas. Yoga and mimosas?! This sounds like the start to a really great friendship!

On the 3rd Saturday of every month, CorePower Yoga hosts a free yoga class at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel pool. Our class was wonderful, and I loved how the teacher incorporated an element of dance to our practice. Plus, it felt so perfectly California doing yoga outside while enjoying the sunshine. I’m going to miss this when I move to New York!




After class, Nicole and I changed into our bikinis and grabbed our mimosas to sip by the pool. If all yoga classes had mimosas, I think everyone would be doing yoga!





I’ve been going to the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel pool for years, and love the old Hollywood vibe. Plus you can’t beat being served food and drinks while soaking in the sun!





It was the perfect way to start the weekend, and I’m so glad Nicole suggested it! If you love yoga (and mimosas!) you should definitely head over to the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel next month for class.

Just know I’ll be jealous of your outdoor, sunshine yoga while I’m freezing in New York City!



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