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Teach Me How To Glam

Last week Sara and I were lucky enough to be invited to attend Salonist’s LA BOOM beauty event. Salonist is a new beauty networking community in Los Angeles for both clients and professionals. It has a beautiful website, with quite literally everything you could ever want to know about beauty. I have to admit that while writing this post I kept getting distracted by how fun the website is! It went a little something like this:

Oh I need to link to the website OH WAIT here’s how you get rid of dark circles under your eyes! Ok Ashley, focus, time to link to the OH MY GOSH so that’s how you stop bubbles from forming when your nail polish dries! And then before I knew it I had created a profile and was reading up on having a laundry day for your skin. It was so addicting!

LA BOOM was held at the fabulous Lea Journo Salon at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel, and also featured Jouer Cosmetics and SkinOwl. The theme of the night was “Teach Me How To Glam,” and guests were taught tricks to Emmy-inspired hair styling, makeup artistry, and perfect skincare.



One minute Sara and I were walking through the door, and the next minute I was being pulled across the salon by Lea who was nearly jumping up and down she was so excited to do my hair. I couldn’t help but smile as she enthusiastically started describing all of the hairstyles that she could teach me. There were so many choices, I decided to go with the safe bet. “Surprise me!”



Lea decided to teach me how to do a loose, fish-tail braid. She walked me through the steps, and it ended up looking really pretty!


Then, in order to make sure I knew exactly what I was doing, Lea sat Sara down and began walking me through the steps again.

First, pull your hair to the side, and split it into two sections. Then you pull a piece from the back of the section on the left side, wrap it around the outside of the left side, weave it through the middle, wrap it around the section on the right, and then bring it back through the middle. Did you get all that?!


Keep repeating until finished.


Then use your fingers to make the braid messy.


Once our hair was done, Sara and I sipped champagne and wandered around the salon picking up tips and tricks from the other professionals.







In addition to hairstyle tricks, we also learned skincare tips from the SkinOwl experts.


However it wasn’t long before Lea ordered us to get massages. I know, life can be so difficult sometimes!


We sat down in the chairs, and were immediately sat on by Lea so she could be part of our photos. She’s hilarious!


Sanam gave me my massage, and Sara was treated by Gillian. To book their services at the Spa at the Beverly Wilshire, click here.

Completely relaxed and with pretty hair, there was just one thing we were missing. Makeup! We headed off to Soreya from Jouer Cosmetics for our next lesson.




Sara wanted to learn how to do a smoky eye, so Soreya walked her through the steps.



And gave her some finishing touches.


I had always wanted to learn how to do a dramatic cat eye without it looking like a smudged mess. Soreya was happy to help.



Soreya also taught us a trick for applying foundation. Only apply it on the triangle of your face: under your eyes, on your nose, and on the center of your forehead right above your eyebrows. Then blend it outwards to the rest of your face in order to get a more natural look than just applying foundation everywhere.




And the best part is that we now know how to do these things ourselves!

Before Sara and I left, we were able to speak with Dawn, the co-founder and president of Salonist. She is gorgeous, and is so enthusiastic about beauty and her new business. It really shows, both on her website and through her attention to detail at the event. Sara and I are so excited to see Salonist take off!

It was an absolutely fabulous night. Now back to looking at the Salonist website!


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  1. You both look so glammed up with your eyes and braids. Such a fun time. Great place, but now why wasn’t I invited?

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