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Mesa Grill – Las Vegas

Before I left for Vegas, whenever I told someone about the trip they seemed shocked that I was going for 5 days. “That’s SUCH a long time to be in Vegas!” was always the reply. And it was a long time, I do have to agree! But unfortunately, before I knew it the trip was almost over, and the girls in my family were left with one more night together.

We wanted to do something special, and decided to go to Mesa Grill, the restaurant that my friend Jenny actually recommended (there’s a funny story there)! We dragged ourselves away from the pool, put on our heels, and headed off to dinner.





Mesa Grill is a swanky restaurant at Caesars Palace by Bobby Flay. “Bobby” wasn’t there that night though, my mom asked. (So that’s where I get it from!)

After a quick drink at the bar, we were shown to our table.



Trisha chose the Tiger Shrimp on a roasted garlic corn tamale with corn and cilantro sauce. It looked delicious!



Brittany ordered the Grilled Chicken with hot red pepper and garlic sauce, and a fresh corn tamale with jalapeño pesto butter. She LOVED it! She told me that she usually orders chicken in restaurants, and this is the best she’s ever had! She also told me to be sure to include that in the blog :)



My grandma ordered the Coffee Rubbed Filet Mignon, and it arrived big and juicy. She loved the flavor, and the mushroom ancho chile sauce that came with it.



My mom and I love seafood, so she ordered the Ancho Chile-Honey Glazed Salmon with a spicy black bean sauce and roasted jalapeño crema.



I chose the Blue Corn Crusted Halibut, and it was divine. It had warm salsa cruda, sweet tomatoes, black olives, oregano, and jalapeños.



The side dishes looked amazing, so we ordered a few for the table!

The Double Baked Potato with horseradish, green onions and creme fraiche was a hit!



We also enjoyed the Grilled Asparagus with sage butter and cotija cheese.



But by far the best side dish of the night was the Mashed Potatoes with a green chile queso sauce. It was amazing! I could really go for some of that right about now…



The food at Mesa Grill is nothing short of incredible. In fact, we literally spent the entire meal talking about how good the food is! Mesa Grill is now hands down my favorite restaurant in Vegas!

Before we left, we had to have one more toast to our trip and to our family.


Then we headed off for one more night in Vegas.



For more information on Mesa Grill, click here. It can be difficult to get a reservation, so I recommend calling the restaurant at 877.346.4642 if you can’t get a table online.

Until next time Vegas…



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