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Holsteins – Las Vegas

As you know, my Vegas trip was filled with crazy pool parties, amazing food, and fabulous hotels. After all that fun, let’s just say my family and I woke up late every morning craving some comfort food!

Enter Holsteins at The Cosmopolitan hotel. This was by far one of our favorite lunch restaurants. Holsteins is known for its burgers, and we actually went there twice we liked it so much! Its fresh, natural, and organic ingredients taste amazing after a not-so-fresh, natural, and organic night out!







Since Holsteins is also known for its milkshakes, we figured we may as well try a few! Brit loved the Almond Joy milkshake, which had Stoli Chocolat Kokonut Vodka, chocolate syrup, toasted coconut, and candied almonds.


The Vanilla milkshake was great.


However the Birthday Cake milkshake was even more fun! It had 3 Olives Cake Vodka, birthday cake crumbles, and sprinkles.


Trisha’s favorite was The Fat Boy milkshake, even though she didn’t exactly like the name! It had Stoli Salted Karamel Vodka, Reese’s, pretzels, sprinkles, and chocolate-caramel popcorn.


We did order real food too, although I think we all would have been satisfied with just those milkshakes!

The Carbonara Chicken sandwich looked amazing! It featured grilled chicken breast, bacon, mushrooms, sweet pea aioli, a fried egg, and provolone cheese.


Trisha liked it, I think?


We all enjoyed the Surf ‘n Turf Quesadilla which featured grilled steak, Maine lobster (and you know how much I love Maine lobster!), manchego cheese, heirloom tomatoes, and bacon lardons with garlic-chive aioli.


My mom ordered the Truffle Lobster ‘Mac N Cheese,’ and we were all so jealous! It had creamy tallegio-mascarpone sauce, Maine lobster, and black truffle.


My aunt decided to represent Chicago, and ordered the Chicago Dogs with poppy seed buns, sport peppers, tomatoes, mustard, neon relish, and celery salt.


That food was so good, but we couldn’t go to Holsteins and not get burgers!

Jamie loved the El Machete burger, which had a beef patty, fire roasted Anaheim chili, avocado, borracho onions, pepperjack cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, and spicy ‘machete’ aioli with a side of sweet potato fries.


My grandma really liked The Steakhouse Burger. It had a beef patty crusted with black pepper, Holsteins creamy steak sauce, tomato comfit, marmalade onions, wild mushrooms, and Swiss cheese.


The waiter told us that the Gold Standard burger was voted the best burger in Vegas, so I had to try it! It was a dry aged beef sirloin burger with smoked bacon, aged goat cheddar cheese, tomato comfit, baby arugula, and garlic-chive aioli. I didn’t think it was the best burger in Vegas, so we passed it around the table and everyone voted. I was overruled!


Holsteins is the perfect Vegas lunch spot.

I only wish they were open late too!



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