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The Cosmopolitan – Las Vegas

After arriving in Las Vegas and spending the day partying at Wet Republic, my cousin Jamie and I stumbled to our hotel (I think there was something wrong with the sidewalks!) and met up with the rest of the girls in my family. I had always heard awesome things about The Cosmopolitan, and I was so excited to stay there!

When I walked in my first thought was “wow!” Trust me, The Cosmopolitan hotel is AMAZING! It’s super classy, and a little bit naughty – perfect for Vegas! And after touring other hotels on the strip, I felt so lucky that I was staying at my new favorite!


I loved how the rooms were decorated.


And we all laughed at how you could lay on the bed and see the entire shower! See, naughty!


The balconies were perfect for popping champagne.


And had amazing views of the strip!


The Cosmopolitan has three pools to play in. The Bamboo Pool is located on the roof of the 14th floor, and the view is spectacular!


Our favorite day pool though was the Boulevard Pool.


Like the Bamboo Pool it had great views of Las Vegas.


But this one allowed you to sit in the water and hang out! (Read: drink!)


The Cosmopolitan is also decorated with really fun artwork, which made taking pictures really fun too!



One of the classiest aspects of the hotel is The Chandelier bar. It’s located right in the middle of The Cosmopolitan’s massive chandelier, and is absolutely gorgeous.



In fact, hanging out there led to one of my favorite quotes of the trip: “Have you ever been drunk in a chandelier??”


The Cosmopolitan also has fabulous restaurants, and you would expect nothing less in Las Vegas!

We went to The Henry for brunch one day, and we loved it!






It was perfect for a late brunch, but unfortunately not everyone was able to enjoy it!


My aunt loved the Steamed Prince Edward Island Mussels which were served in a white wine, tomato, garlic, and lemon sauce and topped with a grilled baguette.


My cousins went healthy with the All Natural Omelet with egg whites, mushrooms, spinach, asparagus plum tomato coulis, and fresh fruit.


And others went a little less healthy. Hey, it’s vacation! My grandma ordered the Traditional Eggs Benedict with Canadian bacon, soft poached eggs, and hollandaise sauced served on a toasted English muffin.


Jamie and I went for burgers, of course.

Jamie liked The Henry Burger, featuring caramelized onions, mushrooms, and melted cheddar cheese on a soft roll.


I chose the Build Your Own Burger with cheddar, fried egg, and bacon. Both Jamie and I were given the choice between truffle tater tots or fruit. Please. TRUFFLE TATER TOTS!!!


My burger was amazing! Best burger in Vegas in my opinion (and I made it myself! ha).


Next time you’re in Vegas, you HAVE to stay at The Cosmopolitan. It’s fabulous!

You can find more information about the hotel here.

Now go have some classy, naughty fun!



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