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So You Think You Can Dance

Last Tuesday I was invited to a taping of So You Think You Can Dance. This is the first season I’ve watched and I instantly got hooked on the show. I couldn’t wait to see it live! That night the top 8 dancers were performing with the “All-Stars,” who are past contestants on the show.  For the first time in SYTYCD history, the All Stars choreographed the dances as well! It was bound to be a fantastic show.

We parked on the studio lot, met our friend at the gate and were handed our tickets. This was really happening!!


Before heading inside we bumped into these two All-Stars. Do you recognize them? It’s Mark and Courtney! Mark danced with Jenna that night, while Courtney was partnered with Tucker.

Once we entered the building, we were ushered into the so-called “green room.” The green room is where producers, press, and family/friends of the cast gather before taping begins. An array of food and drinks were provided.





After patiently waiting in the green room for what felt like ages, we finally took our seats inside the studio! Two things immediately jumped out at me. First, the stage looks so much bigger on TV! I thought it was fairly small in person.

Second, it was really hard to hear the judges’ feedback after each performance. On TV you hear them loud and clear, no problem. But between all of the clapping and cheering (not to mention that their backs were towards us!) it was very tricky to make out what they were saying.

Another thing I found interesting about the taping was that there seemed to be an abundance of teenagers on set. I’m talking busloads of them. To the far left and right sides of the stage a group of about 15-20 teens stood to watch the show. If they were brought in to make excessive noise, then they definitely succeeded.


One of my favorite things about the taping was seeing what happens during the commercial breaks. Cat Deeley’s makeup team rushed onstage to touch her up as soon as the show cut to commercial. It was also fun watching the judges laughing and interacting with one another when we went off-air.


One of my favorite performances of the night was Mark and Jenna’s quirky jazz number. Here’s a picture of the crew setting up the props for their performance…

I couldn’t believe how quickly the two-hour taping went by! Before we knew it the show came to an end and all the contestants gathered onstage.



And that’s a wrap!

I am not ashamed to say that as soon as I got home from the taping, Ashley came over and I watched it all over again!



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