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Wet Republic – Las Vegas

Even though it’s only 4 hours away from LA, up until last week I had never been to Las Vegas. Crazy, right?! So when my cousin planned a trip there with all the girls on my mom’s side of the family, I was SO excited to finally go.

Unfortunately, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. The end.

Kidding! I wouldn’t miss blogging about it!

My cousins Brittany, Trisha, Jamie and I drove out from LA. While we were waiting for my aunts, mom and grandma to arrive, Jamie and I decided to meet up with some of her friends at Wet Republic. For those of you not familiar with Las Vegas, Wet Republic is a pool/club at the MGM Grand. The website describes it as a “daytime mecca” and I completely agree. Except it’s less of a relaxing mecca, and more of a party/alcohol mecca!




Only in Vegas would there be a DJ at the pool!


It was a blast, especially since we were VIP all the way. We had an awesome day bed in front of the cabana area, and right next to the pool! It was absolutely perfect.



We spent the day hanging out and making new friends (people are SO friendly in Vegas! ha).






I definitely recommend Wet Republic. We left with so many fun memories that will definitely need to stay in Vegas! I couldn’t have had a better start to the trip!


For more information on admission to Wet Republic, click here.

For more information on going VIP (is there any other way?), click here.

It’s going to be one amazing weekend!



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