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New England’s Best Lobster Roll

My friend Marilyn is from Boston, and when we were living in Africa we would always fantasize about what we’d eat first when we returned home. My choice seemed to change every day depending on my mood, but hers was always, always lobster rolls.

She would talk about The Beach Plum, a walk-up restaurant along the water in New Hampshire, and how they had the best lobster rolls in New England.

Since I’m not from Boston, I had never had a lobster roll before and couldn’t weigh in on the “best lobster roll ever” debate. So I made it my mission during my family reunion in Maine to try as many lobster rolls as possible. I know, it’s a tough life.

I couldn’t wait until we got to Maine to try one, so I had my first lobster roll on the way there. We stopped at Lena’s Seafood in Massachusetts, which Marilyn’s mom recommended. The lobster roll was good, and made me very excited to try more!



I had my second lobster roll after I arrived in Maine. We had an hour wait before our whale watch began, and we couldn’t think of a better way to pass the time than to eat lobster!

I ordered the roll at Waterfront Restaurant, and LOVED it! Definitely top two.



A few days later, during another lunch in Bar Harbor, I ordered a lobster roll from Geddy’s. I loved the big chunks of lobster, but didn’t like the salad as much.



After my family reunion was over, the moment I had been waiting for arrived. I met up with Marilyn in New Hampshire to finally try the lobster rolls at The Beach Plum!



We eagerly went up to the window and ordered. Due to our bet on which of our teams would win the Stanley Cup finals (go Blackhawks!) Marilyn treated, and we quickly sat down and began digging into our rolls.



Marilyn ordered the “Super Jumbo” size, and I was amazed at how much lobster there was! It was massive!




While we were eating, I looked over and noticed Marilyn’s expert eating style. She’s definitely a pro at these lobster rolls!


I, on the other hand, still have a lot to learn.


I can finally say that The Beach Plum did live up to the hype! It made it into my top two, and I’m so glad Marilyn introduced me to lobster rolls!

With the meal over, we sat along the water, enjoying the view and catching up on life.


It was a successful lobster roll experiment indeed.



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