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Birthday Dinner at Rustic Canyon

Last night my family and I celebrated my birthday at Rustic Canyon, an adorable wine bar in Santa Monica. I had driven past this restaurant a gazillion times and it was always crowded. So when my Mom asked where I wanted to celebrate, this restaurant immediately came to mind.

We took our seats, ordered some wine, and I put on my birthday crown. Thanks Mom!


Rustic Canyon has a great variety of small appetizer-sized plates, perfect for sharing.

For her starter, my sister ordered the Cool ‘Crenshaw’ Melon Soup, comprised of lemon cucumber, peppers and coconut milk.  It was refreshing and absolutely delicious. After my second taste I was told to stay away.


Just look at these colors!


My parents shared the Clam & Mussel Pozole, which was clams and mussels mixed with rancho gordo hominy, scallion, and tortilla. It was fantastic.



For my appetizer I ordered the California Prawns, Scampi style with calabrian chili butter and grilled lemon. Yum!



For the table we ordered the Coleman Green Beans & Stonefruit, which was a mixture of green beans, goat cheese, grilled peach jam, and macadamia. This was gone very, very quickly.


For the main course, my parents shared the Olive Oil-Poached Halibut, with corn, rancho gordo beans, potato, dried tomato, and sea beans. The halibut tasted like butter. What a beautiful dish.



Now, for the best part of the meal. Rustic Canyon has a secret burger that’s not on the menu. Only a certain amount are available each night, and it’s to die for.

How do I put this more clearly? You. Must. Order. The. Secret. Burger. DO IT!



Gooey. Cheesy. Melt-in-your-mouth good. One of the top 5 burgers I’ve ever had, seriously!

After we finished our meal, Mom whipped out the coolest candle I have ever seen. You light the center, a huge flame rises up, and then it opens…



Happy birthday to me!


It’s rare that I go to a restaurant and the meal is perfect from start to finish, but last night was one of those meals. All of us enjoyed each and every dish. The food presentation was beautiful, and the colors and textures used in each dish were a real feast for the eyes. And that burger…

Here’s to another great year!



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  1. Happy Birthday!! I too have driven by this place a ton of times.. Everything looks so GOOD! I will have to stop by for sure now and def try the secret burger.. Great post, thanks!

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