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Rudy’s BBQ

After the worst BBQ festival ever (I’m looking at you, Memphis) I couldn’t wait to go down to Texas to have real BBQ. And see my family. But mostly… BBQ.

Rudy’s is one of the best places to go for BBQ. It originated in the Texas Hill Country, and they now have locations across the southwest. Which is amazing, because that means I can find a Rudy’s if I’m in Austin, Texas or in the middle of nowhere, Texas (ahem, Corpus Christi).


My family loves BBQ too (it’s in our blood) so we all ordered something different to share. Which sounded good in theory, but it turns out not everyone is willing to share Rudy’s (you know who you are!)

After an extensive taste test, I am finally able to report that my three favorite things on the menu are:

#1 The brisket sandwich.

I love brisket, and I love bread. So basically this is a match made in heaven.



#2 The pulled pork sandwich.

It’s just so messy and delicious!



#3 The sausage.

No matter what you order, throw in a sausage on the side. You’ll be so glad you did!



Rudy’s is known for its sauce, so whatever you get, smother it!



Don’t worry if you get carried away with the sauce, because Rudy’s has you covered:


Not only will you love the food, but you’ll also love the fun, Texas atmosphere.


And since Rudy’s website allows you to have its food shipped across the United States, you don’t need to wait for your next vacation to enjoy it!

Online shopping at its finest!



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