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Galway & Kylemore Abbey

When Josh and I decided to road trip around Ireland I was confident that everything would be fine. Hertz, however, wasn’t so certain…


It turns out Hertz didn’t have to worry: Josh and I made a good team. He drove on the wrong side of the road (or the right side if you’re Irish, but not on the right side!) and used his left hand to change gears. He acted like it was no big thing, and besides that one time when he forgot that he was driving a manual car (LOL) everything went smoothly.

I navigated, and got us everywhere we needed to go while still managing to check “Getting Lost in Ireland” off my bucket list. Convenient, right?


The drive was gorgeous. It was just us and the open road!




Josh’s first day in Ireland we drove straight out to the Cliffs of Moher, which as you know from my previous post is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been. Then we headed up to Galway where Josh had his first Guinness of the trip!



The next morning, we found a restaurant with outdoor seating and listened to this adorable Irish family (we think they were related at least) perform traditional Irish music… and Wagon Wheel. Awesome.


We enjoyed a traditional Irish breakfast, which is much better than an English breakfast in my opinion!


Completely stuffed from breakfast, we began walking around the streets of Galway. I really liked this city a lot, it was just adorable!


The sign on the side of an Irish tea shop made me laugh, I guess some things are universal:


During our drive the previous day we had both heard a few songs on the radio that we absolutely loved. They were by an Irish band called Kodaline (listen to their song “High Hopes” – you will love it!). While in Galway we desperately tried to find their CD. We didn’t find it (luckily Emily came through for us though!) but we did buy an Irish instrumental CD so that we could listen to traditional music on our drive. It was fun… for about 5 minutes!


The Latin Quarter of Galway had a sign with our hometown of Chicago on it!


After exploring the main part of Galway, we continued along the river to Galway Cathedral.


The signs on the confessionals made me laugh, it reminded me of Amsterdam!


I wish we could have spent more time in Galway, it was such a cute place and I liked it a lot more than Dublin! Eventually we did have to leave, and we continued our journey north to Kylemore Abbey. The drive was beautiful, even though we had to deal with roadblocks along the way:


Luckily Josh, in what would make an excellent car commercial, was able to weave around the sheep.


And we arrived at Kylemore Abbey with no sheep being harmed in the process!


The abbey is stunning!


Kylemore Abbey is currently home to a community of nuns, however it used to be the Mitchell family castle! Can you imagine this being your home!?



The estate also has gardens, a gothic church, a tea house, a cafe, a pottery studio, and shops for guests to enjoy.


There isn’t much to see on the inside, but the outside is stunning. I’m so glad that we went!


After a wonderful day we got back in the car and drove to Dublin to meet up with Emily and Michaela the next day. Galway is another great place to add to your Ireland list, and I recommend driving past Kylemore Abbey, but not necessarily paying admission and going inside.

Awe man, now I have the song “Galway Girl” stuck in my head!



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