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A Proposal and a Reunion – Memphis Day 1

I had been looking forward to my trip to Memphis for months, in secret. Here’s why: two of my favorite Brits, Matt and Emma, were planning on visiting America. What Emma didn’t know was what Matt was planning: a proposal!

He messaged me back in January telling me about his plan to propose in the Tennessee mountains, and asking if afterwards our other friend Michelle and I would be willing to meet up with them in Memphis to further surprise Emma. I was SO excited to see them again, and to celebrate the future Mr. and Mrs. D! Michelle and I booked our flights, and eagerly counted down the days until the surprise while crossing our fingers that nothing tipped her off!

When the day finally came, I arrived in Memphis and went to the hotel to wait for Michelle to fly in from Ohio. I could not sit still I was so excited!

After an exciting reunion with Michelle (we used to be flatmates in London!) we got ready and headed over to Beale Street. Wow. If you’re wondering where people in Memphis go at night, it’s here. The street was packed with people and motorcycles, and lit up in bright lights- and this was a Wednesday! Live music was spilling out of every open door and window, and the street had such a fun energy!

Memphis Tennessee - travel tips - Wanderlust in the City

Michelle and I practically ran over to BB King’s Blues Club where Emma and Matt had just finished dinner. After hurrying to meet them, Michelle and I realized that we hadn’t exactly figured out how to surprise her. Should we send drinks to their table? Walk up pretending to be waiters and ask for their order? Get up on the stage and sing her a song? (Michelle vetoed that ha). Despite our best efforts to stay incognito while figuring it out, Matt saw us and solved our problem by leading Emma out to the restaurant entrance. We stood there with the biggest smiles on our faces waiting for them to come out. And when they did… “SURPRISE!!!!”

Emma was thrilled, and had no idea that we would be there! It worked out PERFECTLY, and we were all so excited that we had pulled it off! Success!

After Emma had said “Oh my God” about 100 times, and we had all hugged a few times too, we went back inside BB King’s to listen to music, grab drinks, and most importantly hear all about the engagement story! Let’s just say, it was adorable. And funny. Just like them!

The future Mr and Mrs:

Memphis Tennessee - travel tips - Wanderlust in the City

Memphis Tennessee - travel tips - Wanderlust in the City

Memphis Tennessee - travel tips - Wanderlust in the City

Memphis Tennessee - travel tips - Wanderlust in the City

Memphis Tennessee - travel tips - Wanderlust in the City

After a few drinks in our souvenir glasses, we moved on to a classier souvenir bucket. Let me explain. We left BB King’s, and headed down the street to Silky O’Sullivan’s. When we arrived, we learned that their signature drink was The Diver, a gallon bucket filled with a recipe so secret that even the waiters don’t know what’s in it. Without so much as looking at the other items on the menu, we ordered this gallon of “Southern Fun.”

Memphis Tennessee - travel tips - Wanderlust in the City

Memphis Tennessee - travel tips - Wanderlust in the City

Matt originally didn’t want to keep the souvenir bucket, but we convinced him. After all, what’s more American than excessive portions!?

Memphis Tennessee - travel tips - Wanderlust in the City

Before we parted ways for the night, Michelle and I made sure to go back to Emma and Matt’s hotel to see her ring (it needed to be resized) and make them re-enact the proposal. If you were wondering, it looked a little something like this:

Memphis Tennessee - travel tips - Wanderlust in the City

Stay tuned for day 2 of my trip, including Graceland!

Cheers Emma and Matt!



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