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Spaphile Health and Wellness Day Out

On Sunday the CEO of Spaphile graciously invited me to be a VIP guest at their Health and Wellness Day Out event held at 41 Ocean, a new private members-only club in Santa Monica. Since I had so much fun at the Spaphile event held at Burke Williams, and wanted a little pampering after a week of traveling, I was really looking forward to attending this event.

One of the benefits of being a VIP guest (besides feeling super important of course!) was being able to arrive at the event an hour early. That meant that I had first dibs on the services and products, and could also put my name on the quick-to-fill-up manicure list.


The first thing I did when I arrived was treat myself to a chair massage from Massage on Demand, a service that brings the massage to you at your home or office. I really like the idea of a masseuse following you around everywhere you go! Maybe my boss will hire them for the office… every day. Hey, a girl can dream, right!?


After my massage, I grabbed a Chipotle burrito for lunch (yes, they had Chipotle there! Mmmmm) and headed over to Ziba Beauty. Ziba was offering eyebrow threading (which I normally get done at their salon and is just fabulous) and henna tattoos. I was surprised though that Ziba was charging for these services. Since people already had to purchase a ticket to attend the event, I thought it would have been much classier (and a better marketing strategy) to offer these inexpensive services for free.

Since I was attending as a guest, and I have always wanted to get a henna tattoo, I decided to spring for this fun accessory. After telling Kelly that I wanted something inconspicuous for the office, she drew a beautiful flower design on the inside of my wrist. I love it!



I couldn’t move my wrist while it dried- it was so difficult!


Once the ink is dry it falls right off, and you’re left with the final product:


Being the great planner that I am, I had my manicure scheduled for immediately after my henna tattoo. It was quite the challenge not ruining the ink! But my Bellacures manicurist was great, and gave me a beautiful manicure without affecting my still-drying tattoo.



I was expecting to be handed beauty products left and right, but very few of the vendors actually gave out samples. Most, like Ziba, were selling their products and services.

Therefore, for future events I recommend purchasing standard tickets, not the VIP tickets. Ordinary tickets for this event were $20, and that would have been worth it considering the availability of massages and manicures, and the tremendous amount of food. However, VIP tickets were $50, and since the only benefit was arriving an hour early it’s not worth the additional cost in my opinion, especially due to the fact that most featured products and services required additional payment.

Overall it was a nice afternoon, and I’m grateful that Spaphile invited me. They always make an effort to hold classy events, and I’m looking forward to the next one!

Now it’s time to go back to admiring my henna tattoo!


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